Zero Rust® MIL SPRAY


Zero-Rust® Military Standard ™

RUSTOP® Maximum (New)

VOC Compliant Phenolic Alkyd Primer Coating

Product Description:

Zero-Rust® is a truly high performance, easy to use, ferrous metal maintenance primer coating. Zero-Rust® field and lab performance is superior to that of all common maintenance primers, Water-borne DTM coatings, Waterborne epoxies and common maintenance epoxies in non-immersion applications. Independent testing has shown the single component Zero-Rust® to exceed 2,000 hours ASTM B-117 Salt Spray testing over smooth, unprofiled surfaces with zero scribe creep at 3-4 mils DFT (Dry Film Thickness). Similar results have been achieved over pre-rusted panels as well. Our Black Zero-Rust® has excellent high temperature properties (up to 350 degrees F) as evidenced by its use on geothermal plants, Vandenberg Missile Launch Facilities (Air Force) and on the shipboard missile hatch doors and cannons (U.S. Navy). RUSTOP® Maximum at 3,888 hr Salt Spray under powder coating was presented at Mega-Rust as an alternative to Zero-Rust® and is currently available in liquid as 1’s and 5’s.

Great for application over hand and power tool cleaned surfaces as well as blasted surfaces. The composition is free of heavy metals and does not pose environmental problems should eventual removal of coating by sandblasting occur. Zero-Rust® is designed primarily as a barrier coating with special emphasis on water resistance and is free of conventional metallic rust inhibitive pigments. This product contains none of the components currently on the EPA banned list or future “hit list”.

While we focus on the maintenance uses, Zero-Rust® makes an excellent Original Equipment Manufacturer “OEM” coating and is routinely used on new trailers, new structural steel, new oilfield wellheads ™ manifolding, new mining equipment, new pump ™ manifold systems, new power generation skids and new tanks.

NOTE: Military must order by the case (multiples of 12)

Product Highlights

*Outperforms All Epoxies on Marginal Prep including Smooth Surfaces ™ Commercial Blasts

*Broad Range of Uses: Military, Oil ™ Gas, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Residential, Vehicles

*Economical with Maximum Performance *Can be Force-Cured with Heat/Lamps

*Easy to Use; Easy to Recoat; Safer than Epoxy *Single Component – NO Pot Life Issues

*Available in Spray Cans for Easy Touchup *Great for Corrosive ™ Marine Environments

*Perfect for OEM ™ Maintenance Applications *Safe: No toxic or tissue reactive components

*Recoat w/ Itself Even Years Later (with Prep) *Can be Topcoated with Most Topcoats

Performance Breakthrough Announcement: RUSTOP® Maximum goes 3,888 hrs in Salt Spray on Smooth Steel… FSC Coating’s is proud to announce the RUSTOP® Maximum Primer to our product line for civilian and military use. Presented at the MegaRust in 2010, it has exceeded 3,888 hours in ASTM B-117 Salt Spray on smooth steel (no blast profile) at 4 to 5 mils DFT and is based upon our proprietary Modified Phenolic technology. This sets a new world record for performance on marginal prep surfaces. The product is available in Red Oxide, Black and Grey (please use Red Oxide ™ Black for their superior performance). It is currently available in 1’s and 5’s with spray cans to follow. It can be baked under powder coatings as well as spray applied in the field…big performance enhancement comes with force curing. Call FSC for info and product details…

Special Military Standard Formulation With Military Applications

The Zero-Rust® Military Standard Series was developed to meet a lower mandated VOC emissions target as well as to be faster dry to allow quicker recoat times for faster field repairs. The Cammy Tops™Camouflage Topcoats and SA-3 Silicone Poly Plus™with LSA (Low Solar Absorption) pigments are designed to bond perfectly with the Zero-Rust® Military Standard Coatings. We recommend Zero-Rust® Black and Red Oxide as primers for all military applications because of their extended temperature use range, superior adhesion and superior corrosion resistance.

Significant to these formulations, dry to touch is normally 10 minutes or less at 70° F versus 20-25 minutes for our standard formulas. In addition, the Zero-Rust® Military Standard can usually be recoated within 30 minutes, which is less than 50% of the normal recoat window. Markedly improved recoat, cure rate and dry time properties are obtained without sacrificing performance--all important benefits to the military for infield and shop repairs.

Superior Performance In Military Applications When Compared to Other Mil-Spec Primers

In lab and field testing, Zero-Rust® Military Standard has been shown to outperform all other military specified primers on marginally prepared surfaces—the normal field and shop conditions. See letter dated October 1998 from Top Dlapa reporting on the Marine Corps 2 year Test Program where this performance is clearly documented. Easier and longer lasting field or shop recoats and coating repair operations are tremendous time and money saving benefits to all military users.

Product Performance Testing:

Zero-Rust® has exceeded 2,000 hours salt spray resistance over smooth, brush finished bare steel and pre-rusted panels with 0-1/64" of scribe creep -- unmatched primer adhesion performance. Similar results are achieved on pre-rusted steel panels. The Zero-Rust® performance exceeds that of commonly used red oxide, DTM Acrylics, water-borne alkyds and epoxies on these types of surfaces. Zero-Rust® performance has been confirmed by industrial, commercial, marine and military users. The longest test run to date was 2,450 hours in ASTM B-117 testing with zero scribe creep -- outstanding performance. Black and Red Oxide Zero-Rust® are recommended as the primers for corrosive services -- including marine, coastal and industrial surfaces.

Health Safety Benefits Over Other Mil-Spec Primers

Zero-Rust® Mil Standard ™ RUSTOP® offers significant health safety benefits over all other high performance primers. Normally high performance in the coating industry indicates urethanes or epoxies which are known “body tissue reactive” materials and are cancer causing. The epichlorohydrins and isocyanates all react with water or –OH groups present in all internal ™ external body tissues. Zero-Rust® Military Standard does not contain any of these components – it is totally non-reactive to body tissues making applications safer, easier and less complicated. Field personnel can feel better about applying these materials knowing of their inherent safety to themselves and others--truly a win-win for everyone.

Common Zero-Rust Applications

Fencing ™ Security Screens

Military Vehicles ™ Equipment Offshore Platforms Metal Buildings ™ Roofing

Barges ™ Ships Refineries ™ Pipelines Power Generation Skids

Seattle Port Authority Oil ™ Gas Processing Equip. Dump Trucks

Water Treatment Plants Mining ™ Smelting Facilities Food Processing Plants

Tank ™ Bridges Vehicles ™ Trailers Piping / Structural Steel

Geothermal/Exhaust Piping(400°F+) Waste Haulers ™ Dumpsters Heavy Equipment Recoats

Minimal Surface Preparation Required

Excellent for application over hand tool ™ power tool cleaned surfaces with tightly adhering rust. Ideal for general maintenance when unable to sandblast. Incorporation of Prep StepÔ recommended in these instances to loosen rust for faster removal and to enhance surface adhesion. As with all coatings, grit-blasted or sandblasted surfaces will yield the maximum possible longevity.

Must Be Topcoated With Water-borne ™ Solvent-borne Systems For Exterior Uses And Corrosive Services -- Zero-Rust® may be topcoated with most generally available finish coat systems. For maximum longevity in high UV exterior exposures where topcoats are required, we recommend the use of SA-3 Silicone Poly PlusÔ, our family of “Super Urethanes”, Bio-SAFE® MaxLife™Water-borne Acrylics for organic growth control (interior and exterior) or Cammy Top™Topcoats. Time windows do exist for recoating Zero-Rust® with itself or other coating materials. Contact FSC for guidance as these windows vary depending on the type of coating and the carrier system involved. However, Zero-Rust® can always be recoated after full cure (5 days) by scuff sanding first to obtain a little “tooth” and then reapplying more Zero-Rust® or the appropriate topcoat from the above selection. May also recoated with the clear Crystal Coat® topcoat which has a boosted “UV” protection package built into the coating to protect itself and the underlying Zero-Rust® from damaging “UV” rays.

Application: Airless, HVLP and conventional spray or brush and roll. Use 0.015-0.017 tip to apply with airless spray (smaller tip when spraying narrow or small parts). Remember, it takes 2-3 coats by brush and roll to equal one spray coat in dry film millage. Follow safety rules associated with solvent borne, flammable products!


Weight Per Gallon: 10.80/lb Viscosity: 74-84 KU

Non Volatile Veh: 34.39% Non Volatile (wt): 68.73%

Non Volatile (vol): 53.60% % Pigment: 34.34%

Ultra-Low VOC (Volatile Organic Content): 275 grams / liter

Dry Time: 5-6 mils wet/coat-25-30 min set to touch at 70° F ™ 50% Relative Humidity when spray applied.

Recoat: 25-30 minutes for spray at 70° F and 50% Relative Humidity. Longer at lower temperature or higher humidity. Overnight for brush and roll.

Spread Rate: 5-6 mils wet at 250-300 ft² per gallon per coat (theoretical) – 2 coats recommended for maximum performance at 5-6 mils DFT. This spread rate will provide a minimum 2.5 mils Dry Film Thickness (DFT) over smooth profile. When applying over rough or profiled surfaces, additional coating will be required to achieve the minimum 2.5 mils DFT over the peaks or sharpest edges. All steel surfaces should receive a minimum of 2 coats of coating to achieve the desired resistance against moisture and salt penetration. This may consist of 2 coats of Zero-Rust®, or one coat of and one coat of desired finish. For Naval or coastal uses where maximum corrosion resistance and longevity is required, experience has shown that a minimum of 5-6 mils DFT (2 coats of black or red oxide Zero-Rust® or RUSTOP®) is required over all steel substrates including blast or rust profile.

Reduction and Clean-up: No reduction is needed for airless spray. For conventional and HVLP sprayers, use ZR Thinner only as is “Zero” or Near-Zero VOC. Clean-up with ZR Thinner.

NOTE: For exterior use, it is recommended that the “black” or “red oxide” Zero-Rust® Military Standard or RUSTOP® Maximum be applied as a primer coat with the appropriate topcoat applied. Zero-Rust® will eventually chalk in direct sunlight. See Topcoat Section above for recommendations…including Cammy Tops for Full Infrared Camouflage Protection.

NSN Numbers: Although not assigned to date, the Marine Corps is arranging for NSN numbers to be assigned ASAP. Zero-Rust® Military Standard can be purchased using the following special Military Part Number Nomenclature.

Zero-Rust® Military Standard Part Numbers

Spray Cans 1 Gallon Can 5 Gallon Pail


Red Oxide FMSZR21S (special order) FMSZR21G FMSZR21P

Grey FMSZR22S (special order) FMSZR22G FMSZR22P

White FMSZR25S (special order) FMSZR25G FMSZR25P

Below are special order items. Minimum order is 1200 spray cans or 50 gallons in 1’s or 5’s. Not recommended for extended exterior exposures (without topcoat).






Safety Yellow FMSZR32S FMSZR32G FMSZR32P