Who Are We?

Our History of Nearly 3 Decades in Business Creating “Coatings Engineered for Ultimate Performance”

Having been in business nearly 3 decades, FSC Coatings, Inc. is dedicated to the development of enhanced technologies for the protection of a variety of surfaces in a wide variety of industries.  Our mission statement is literally incorporated in our logo – “Coatings Engineered For Ultimate Performance”.  It is this effort to develop the ultimate in natural wood finishes, paint and coating technologies that sets us apart from other coatings companies. Headquartered in San Diego, FSC Coatings, Inc., has been in business for almost 30 years with projects throughout the United States, Europe and Pacific Rim.  During this period, we have developed many new coating, wood stain & paint technologies that are now gaining recognition in their respective industries as “one of a kind” or as “no known equals”.  Testing shows FSC has built the lowest “life cycle cost” systems in the industry…actually in the world today. That is the advantage of having chemical engineers and chemists leading your testing and development. That is the legacy of FSC Coatings; that is who we are.

Initially, FSC Coatings was focused upon natural wood finishes and fire retardants that were rated #1 by the Nation’s top wood practical testing lab, the Texas Forest Products Lab, a subsidiary of Texas A&M.  Given its fast growing reputation among the wood testing agencies and large project users, FSC was contacted by San Francisco’s PIER 39 to help them solve their numerous technical issues with wood, metal and masonry. The 100 year old siding was literally falling apart…and the rebar was rusting away under the entire pier. New environmental rules were impacting the protection levels with mold/lichen/fungus attacking/rotting the wood (800,000 sq. ft. or so) and life of every system on every surface being compromised; with appearance levels far below those desired.  These serious financial and structural issues led to development of the following systems:

  1. New metal coatings (Zero-Rust®, RUSTOP®, Super Urethanes, SA & SP Silicone Poly Plus Systems),
  2. Environmentally safe, new water-borne coatings/paints for wood & metal that could take waves and sun (Bio-Control Prime & Seal®, Bio-Safe® MaxLife Systems, Super Prime),
  3. New auto trafficable coatings for pavers & concrete roads/paths (AWR Super Sealer…clear & pigmented),
  4. Environmentally Safe Cleaners…as in Bio-Safe® (The Bio-Cleaner, the 100 % Food & Cosmetic Grade Cleaner and Z-90 Wood Magic® Plus) and
  5. Dramatic “Transparent Wood Finish Technology” improvements were developed and tested leading to our current TWP® Product line.  This includes for wood roofing, siding, decking, rails, hardwood doors/furniture, etc.
  6. Waterproofing Systems for Walls and Decks….the MaxLife System is the basis for the waterproof wall system..perfect for metal, wood, masonry, block, stucco, etc. For Decking, the waterproof systems have been used on PIER 39 and numerous other residential and commercial projects. 

At the end of the 3 year testing & development program, FSC Coatings was awarded the entire PIER 39 restoration project as having finished first in every test on every surface.  And our product line was expanded to such that we can take on any project in America….We finished this test program with the #1 longest lasting systems in America for every surface and finish type used. From this base, FSC grew its product line to be able to tackle essentially every residential and commercial project that would come its way.

TWP® has been a staple in our line since our beginning…with the 300, 400, 500 and 1500 Series being our ideas…and we conducted initial project and application testing for each. MaxLife™, Zero-Rust®, RUSTOP®, AWR Super Sealers, Quik & Tuff® Varnish, Graffiti Max, and Ura-Floor® have all been developed over the last almost 30 years to make almost any project possible.