Z-90 Wood Magic Plus™ - 3:1 Mix


Z-90 Wood Magic ™ Concentrates

Product Data Sheet

(Regular Formula 4:1 Dilution; Plus Formulas for Organic Growth 3:1 Dilution &

New 7:1 Plus Super Concentrate )

Cleans & Restores The "Like New" Appearance To Most Weathered Wood

Both Hardwood & Softwood

Use Z-90 Plus Formula for Removal of

1) Mildew and Other Organic Growth (3:1 or 2:1) and

2) Severely Weathered Old Coatings or Stains (Straight or 1:1)

Perfect For Wood Decks, Siding, Fencing, Roofing, Boats, Doors, Windows, Picnic Tables & Outdoor Furniture

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : The Z-90 Wood Magic™ Super Concentrate is a powerful, cost effective cleaning system formulated to remove surface dirt, discoloration from some types of organic growth, water stains and the "greying" effects of general weathering. Z-90 Wood Magic will restore that "like new appearance" on cedar, redwood, hardwoods, Douglas Fir, pine, pressure treated woods and most other species that are restorable.Z-90 Wood Magic is perfect for cleaning dirt and fingerprints as well as reversing weathering effects onnew wood installations before staining or painting. It is recommended for use on "new" and "aged pressure treated wood" to remove excess surface salts to improve paint & stain penetration and adhesion. Great for achieving "tooth" on smooth trowelled stucco prior to coating.

Use Z-90 Plus for removal of unsightly mildew, mold or fungus from aged or new lumber as well as suitable surfaces.


*Restores "Like New" Wood Look *Outperforms other wood restorers hands down

*Works on wood roofs, decks, siding, gazebos *Opens pores of new wood for better absorption

*Z-90 Plus Formula great for removing mold *Z-90 Plus also removes old wood stains

*Very concentrated with new 7:1 Super Conc *Works to clean masonry and tiles as well

*Removes most water stains and light rust spots

OTHER USES: Z-90 is a fantastic acid-type cleaner and light etching agent for exterior exposed masonry surfaces including driveways, walkways, pool decks, brick, block, bathrooms, etc. Z-90 also removes many light hard water deposits and light rust stains (not for heavy rust or heavy build-ups of hard water deposits). Scrubbing and power washing recommended for maximum effect. Use Z-90 Plus if mildew, mold or fungus is a problem on these same surfaces as well as fiberglass, plastic or metal surfaces (will brighten many metals). Use ScotchBrite pad or other forms of abrasion to enhance cleaning & brightening.). Always test for suitability before doing entire project.

DETERMINATION OF SUITABILITY: The User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. A test area should be cleaned to determine precise procedures to obtain the most effective cleaning. Remember, Z-90 can react with metals, landscape and masonry, which must be planned for during suitability determination. Exact results of Z-90 on weathered wood will depend upon wood age, previous exposure, the presence of previous coatings (especially if they contain linseed oil which is food for organic growth), wood type and current condition of the aged wood.

Previous coatings that are intact may require chemical stripping before Z-90 can have the desired effects on the actual wood fiber. Z-90 Super Concentrate will normally strip weathered oil stains…but test first.

For Areas of Mildew or Other Organic Growth : Test Z-90 Plus on areas of organic growth by spray applying, allowing to sit 10-15 minutes, agitate with stiff bristle brush or proper abrasive pad, & rinse with water. Some heavy organic growth may require multiple applications or use at 2:1 Dilution for increased cleaning power or color renewal.

To remove organic growth from interior surfaces such as shower stalls, under sink areas or wash areas and to freshen "musty" interior air, use FSC's The Bio-Cleaner.

When Stripping Severely Weathered Old Stains , use Z-90 Wood Magic Super Concentrate at 1:1 Dilution with HOT Water for best results with coverage being 200-300 sq. ft. /concentrated gal (may need to be repeated). Always agitate (especially the more intact areas or areas with low sun exposure) and power wash after 15-20 minute soak time.

DIRECTIONS : For best results, mix 1 part Z-90 Wood Magic™ Concentrate to 4 parts warm water. One gal of Z-90 Wood Magic Concentrate yields 5 gallons of Ready-To-Use (5 gal. Z-90 Concentrate yields 25 gal RTU). For light cleaning, mix 1 part Z-90 with up to 7 parts water. If salt crystals form, add hot water during dilution. Always test solution for effectiveness at desired dilution and to determine proper working or dwell time before removal. Mix Z-90 Concentrate before dilution and Z-90 diluted gallons before use. When using Z-90 Plus, mix 1 part Z-90 Plus with up to 3 parts water.

1) Remove surface contaminants from surface to be restored by sweeping or using gas powered blower. Protect adjacent surfaces from direct contact with Z-90. Use breathing types of drop cloths to protect adjacent vegetation. Cover walls or other adjacent surfaces with drop cloths.

2) Apply diluted Z-90 Wood Magic™ by brush, roller or hand pump sprayer. Agitate Z-90 with garage broom or stiff bristled brush. Allow dwell time of at least 5 minutes and up to 20 minutes before removal.

3) For Best Results, use a gas driven power washer to remove the Z-90 and loose surface contaminants & wood fiber. For the inexperienced, use up to 1500-psi equipment but obtain instructions from rental company so as to protect the wood from damage and scarring during use. Power washing is the most effective way to remove loose, gray wood fiber and heavy organic growth from surface. A garden hose at maximum pressure can be used to rinse surface following agitation but will yield less desirable results than if a power washer is used. Tougher stains and more weathered areas will require additional applications of Z-90 followed by more vigorous agitation & water rinse.

4) Dry surface 2-4 days, depending upon temperature & humidity, before coating surface with desired wood stain or paint.

5) Maintain that "new wood look" by protecting the wood from harmful sunlight, water and weather. Use FSC Coatings famed top-rated coatings, repellants and wood stains. Call 800-579-8459 for the best-engineered wood protection solution.

6) For clean-up, rinse thoroughly all landscaping plants, ground cover, sidewalks, blacktop, driveways & slabs, equipment and all other surrounding surfaces immediately upon contact with Z-90.

COVERAGE : At 4:1 dilution, each diluted Z-90 Wood Magic™ gal will cover normally 100-200 sq.ft./gal depending upon surface absorption (500-1000 sq.ft./gal of concentrate). When diluted further, Z-90 will go farther but more applications may be needed to achieve desired result. At 3:1 dilution, each diluted Z-90 Plus gallon will cover 100-200 ft2 per application (350-800 ft2 per concentrated gallon)…for heavy mildew, use at 2:1 or even 1:1 dilution with same coverage per diluted gallon. The Z-90 Plus Super Concentrate (7:1 Concentration), each diluted gallon will cover 100-200 sq. ft.

CAUTION: 1) As a precaution, protect adjacent surfaces with plastic or other means from Z-90 contact -- rinse immediately if any residue or overspray occurs. 2) Z-90 will react with masonry & concrete --user must plan for rinse water runoff following power wash or hose flush to eliminate undesirable reactions and possible discoloration. 3) Z-90 is slippery when applied to any surface -- especially roofing. Wear appropriate OSHA approved footwear, safety belts and non-slip shoes (for roofing non-slip, steel pegged shoes). 4) Severely aged wood may not respond to Z-90 -- replacement of wood may be the only option in some severe cases. If wood is soft or severely aged, always check for structural integrity of the wood before restoring. 5) Always test Z-90 on any surface for effectiveness and possible undesirable reactions before full project use …especially on travertine, masonry, limestone, etc.

Read Material Safety Data Sheet and Directions BEFORE using product.

Caution: Contains Oxalic Acid

Warnings: Harmful if swallowed. Avoid CONTACT with SKIN and EYES. Wear rubber gloves & goggles when handling.

FIRST AID: 1) INTERNAL- If swallowed, ingest large quantities of Milk. Call Physician IMMEDIATELY.

2) EYES-In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly for 15 minutes with water. See Physician IF irritation persists.

3) SKIN-Wash thoroughly with water.

LIMITED WARRANTY: This warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase of Z-90 Wood Magic™ Super Concentrate. If the product is proved to be defective, Manufacturer, at its option will replace the product or refund the purchase price. The purchaser must have proof of purchase from label, batch number and original sales receipt. All label instructions must be followed with surface preparation essential to applicability of this warranty. Neither Manufacturer nor marketing agents shall be liable for incidental, consequential or indirect damage nor the labor involved to correct such damage from the use of Z-90 Wood Magic Concentrates and Super Concentrate. Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, other than what was indicated on the label. Buyer assumes all risk of use and/or handling of this material when use and/or handling is contrary to label instructions. No other warranties are made, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties as to MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This limited warranty may not be modified or extended by manufacturer's representatives, distributors or dealers of Manufacturer's products.