TWP® 400 Series




The 400 Series TWP® premium exterior wood treatment, our newest TWP finish, protects and enhances the natural warmth, beauty and integrity of both new and old wood, while complying with current Volatile Organic Content (VOC) regulations. This proprietary technology incorporates space-age advancements in wood fiber penetration, "UV" control, finish clarity (fully transparent to the human eye), vapor & liquid moisture migration control and long-life resin-binders. The result: TWP is rated #1 by the leading testing & consumer organizations.

PRODUCT SELECTION: 400 Natural Wood Prep Clear 401 Natural Cedar 402 Natural Redwood 403 Dark Oak 411 California Redwood 415 Light Cedar 418 Torrey Pines Green 433 Reddish-Brown

USES: TWP®-401 to 433 provide deep penetrating films that are resistant to mildew, fungus, sunlight & moisture, while enhancing the natural color of wood. Can be custom colored; Ultimate UV & Double Ultimate UV Packages available for additional life. TWP 400 Series is used on new & aged wood and is well suited for low sheen decking applications. Other uses: siding, fencing, logs and trellis. 400 Clear is not designed to maintain the original color of the wood and will allow the wood color to fade and bleach out or "gray" naturally while resisting unsightly mildew growth…do not use if you want the original color to remain. Consider TWP 300 Series ® where more sheen is desired.

SURFACE PREPARATION: (Abbreviated Instructions-See FSC Procedure for detailed)

NEW WOOD : Best --condition wood by sanding lightly to open grain on softwoods (use60 grit for hardwoods with "pressure") for better product penetration recommended; follow with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ application, agitate & rinse to remove sanding residue. Next best --thoroughly soak with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ and allowed to dry for at least 48 hours before applying TWP (always sand hardwoods and Douglas Fir to open grain).

UNTREATED OLD WOOD : It is likely to be gray from sun and/or mildew growth. For color restoration, mildew removal & water stain removal, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ & power wash. Let dry 48-72 hr before applying TWP®. All old coatings must be stripped for 400 to absorb. Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ used Straight or often 1:1 dilution with hot water has been found to strip many old stains up to 80-90%..but TEST .

SHAKES & SHINGLES : Allow new installations to age 2-3 months for best results. For restoration of old shingles, follow old wood cleaning procedures including Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ use and power wash. Strip all old coatings; strip, power wash, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ , power wash.


Airless spray, HVLP, brush, applicator pad & roller.. Spray & backroll best for sidewall & shingles.DO NOT PUDDLE ON HORIZONTAL or DECK SURFACES. Applicator pad best for decks. Decks: Apply thin coats; 2 coats for aged wood; apply second coat after 60-90 days on new decks. Remove or spread out excess material that has not absorbed within 30 min. Apply at 60° F or warmer; do not apply before rain/dew.


A second coat will be required over very porous, aged surfaces after overnight dry @80 degrees F (2-4 days if temp is less than 70 degrees F) on decking or sidewall applications. Spread out and/or remove excess material on flat surfaces. Do not recoat if first coat is still wet or shiny -especially on decking. Do Not Puddle material on horizontal surfaces. DO NOT APPLY THIS PRODUCT OVER PREVIOUSLY PAINTED OR SEALED SURFACES WITHOUT REMOVAL TO INSURE PENETRATION…or you will have short life & "shiny spots".

COVERAGE: Mill planed new deck wood: Thin coats @ 300-500 sq.ft./gallon per coat (wait 30-90 days before applying 2nd coat)

Rough sawn siding: Flood coat @ 200-300 sq. ft./ gallon per coat (2-3 coats required for aged wood)

Old cedar shakes & shingles: Flood coat @ 100-225 sq.ft./gal/coat (2-3 coats required for aged wood -- all vertical siding & steep roofs)

MAINTENANCE: Avoid continual soaking of siding areas from sprinklers. Salt & chemical deposits remain on the surface after water evaporates and can be unsightly. Sidewall: when the finish ages for several years & begins to lose color, clean & reapply 1-2 coats of TWP; yearly maintenance on hardwoods. Decks: As finish begins to fade, clean & reapply TWP -- every 1-3 years depending upon exposure & wood condition; hardwoods ever 3 mo. to 1 year.; TWP 400 Clear requires more frequent maintenance (we recommend pigmented 400 use)

CLEAN UP: Use ZR Thinner or FSC Solvent. On glass remove excess with ZR Thinner and clean with sudsy ammonia cleaner.

DRY TIME: 2 days to 3 weeks depending on temperature & humidity.




TWP400C 50-55 55-60 8.55 250 15-20"

TWP401-415 50-55 55-65 8.65 250 15-20"

TWP418-433 52-60 55-65 8.66 250 15-20"

Flash Point : All products- 10 deg. F. DOT Classification: Combustible Liquid, NOS, NA 1993, PG III, Contains Rule 66 Mineral Spirits

Disclaimer: Due to variables in computer monitor settings and calibrations, actual color may vary slightly. Stains may vary depending on the quality and different characteristics of the wood that it is being applied to. Paint names may vary between brands, and even though two brands may use the same color name, they may not be an exact match.