TWP® 300 Series


TWP ® 300 QD (Quick Dry) Series Wood Stain

A) "Ultimate UV" Formulas for Enhanced Longevity

B) "TBF" is The Breakthrough Technology of 2013 as FSC's Ultimate Performance and Longevity Technology for Wood


The highest performance, penetrating oil-based surface sealer and weather protector for outdoor furniture, doors, windows and new wood that is available. Incorporating space age technology & new concepts in wood protection, the TWP® products are routinely Rated #1 worldwide by leading independent testing & consumer organizations. This VOC compliant, positive-dry product is "UV" resistant; water repellant and very tough once cured. In addition, the TWP-300 QD Series Wood Stain is specially formulated to produce a mold, mildew and fungus resistant film. It is perfect for picnic tables, wood benches, playground equipment, wood decks, spas, bamboo, seating surfaces or new wood siding. It contains 65-70+% solids but has no free oil to minimize dirt or soil attachment to treated surfaces. Being positive dry, it is also resistant to color rub-off on clothes when properly applied-use of UH-1000 Super Catalyst makes this product even more rub & abrasion resistant.

Consider "Ultimate UV" and the New TBF formulas for dramatic increases in longevity. TBF™ stands for "Tropical & Bamboo Formula and is the longest lasting, most UV resistant & most mold/mildew resistant formula of all.


*#1 in Longevity: Outperforms all other clear & semi-trans finishes per 3rd party testing

* Maximum performance for hardwoods, bamboo & dense softwoods over all other wood stains

*"Ultimate UV" and New TBF formulas add even more to longevity

*Beautiful semi-gloss to gloss "Varnish-like" finish

*Maximum film clarity of wood grain & natural color

*Wide variety of colors including exclusive "Designer Series"


Vertical and horizontal new wood applications where positive dry is required. Perfect for old or new outdoor furniture, spas, marine docks & vessels, picnic tables, benches, playground equipment, bamboo and other applications with direct human contact. Good for old and new decks where a positive dry coating is a must. TBF™ formulas recommended for bamboo and most hardwood applications.

All hardwood & bamboo projects require UH-1000 Super Catalyst to be added @16 oz/gal or higher…and consider TBF™ formulations for max longevity & organic growth resistance with best film build/coat per multi-year testing. Bamboo is notorious for organic growth…the TBF™ Formulas are the very best at stopping mildew/mold/fungus per a multi-year test program on bamboo and hardwood surfaces.

The Designer Series: Modern Color Systems for the Most Demanding Design Applications:

Incorporating the Ultimate "UV" Package technology, the Designer Series is custom formulated for maximum longevity while offering a broad range of colors and hues for the most demanding color design pallet. Inspired by one of Southern California's most noted colorologists, the Designer Series gives flexibility to the designer and architect in choosing the appropriate color scheme while maintaining maximum protections levels. When applied in 2 full strength coats, the Designer Series will outlast most premium paints in terms of protection against water intrusion, sunlight (UV light), wood cracking & splitting, organic growth & color maintenance.

Enhanced LONGEVITY - Ultimate "UV" Package Now Available in All Colors: After over 10 years of mathematical modeling and testing, we have developed the Ultimate "UV" technology that has been shown to increase longevity of this TWP® wood stain system by 30-50%. This means great savings in total lifecycle costs -- time, labor and money - while dramatically increasing the overall appearance & protection levels of the surfaces being protected. Our Ultimate "UV" technology represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in wood protection over the last 100 years. Ask your FSC Sales Consultant for details on adding the Ultimate "UV" performance package to your TWP 300 Series project.

The New Maximum Longevity Formulas: "Tropical & Bamboo Formulas" (TBF) - FSC'S 2013 Breakthrough in Longevity & Performance : Higher build, longer lasting QD formulation for smooth or rough surfaces. The TBF formulas represent extended longevity beyond our famous "Ultimate UV" technology with broad range enhancements in the organic growth, pigmentation and Ultimate UV packages as dictated when protecting bamboo and sugar/pitch laden hardwoods. It must be catalyzed with UH-1000 Super Catalyst to properly cure and harden with 16-32 oz/gal TBF. Yields high gloss finish. Minimum of 7.5-10 mils DFT in 3 coats with each coat applied in 2 passes with 30-45 minutes/pass recommended @75 degrees F and 50% RH. Apply one coat per day maximum to assure through dry and minimize wrinkling. Follow standard procedures for cleaning, sanding, scuffing between coats and contamination removal.

For Maximum Life on Bamboo or Hardwood and when a SATIN finish is desired , apply one basecoat (2 passes) of 315 TBF and topcoat with 2 coats of SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ Tropical & Bamboo Formulas (TBF Formulas) applied in 2 passes with 30-45 min. between coats recommended with final system spec millage of 9-11 Mils.

TWP® 300 QD (Quick Dry) Wood Stain COLORS:

300 CLEAR 305 CAPE COD GRAY Designer Series: 331 QD AGED GREY BROWN Ultimate "UV"

300 CLEAR Ultimate "UV" 306 PRAIRIE GRAY 332QD OLIVE BROWN Ultimate "UV"



303 DARK OAK 318 FOREST GREEN (Custom Color) 335QD Darken BLACK WALNUT Ultimate "UV" 304 BLACK WALNUT 336QD LIGHT GREY BROWN Ultimate "UV"


Tropical & Bamboo Formula's (TBF) For Higher Build & Maximum Longevity:

303 TBF Dark Oak Note: Other 300 Series colors available in 100 gal batches

315 TBF Light Cedar

*Note: 300 Clear is available as a sealer or blending base only to be followed by a tinted topcoat. 300 Clear is designed to allow the wood to "gray" & will not maintain the original wood color…do NOT use by itself. 300 Clear Ultimate "UV" & TBF contain our enhanced strength, ultra-violet light protection package to slow the graying process & improve color retention and are recommended for blending with other colors when color maintenance is desired.


NEW WOOD : Condition all smooth or mill-planed wood surfaces by lightly sanding with maroon ScotchBrite pad or sandpaper for all uses-especially important for decking. Clean large areas of sanding residue & raise wood grain for better absorption by applying Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ & power wash. For non-traffic bearing surfaces, sand & wipe with FSC Wax & Grease Remover. Be sure to remove dirt, oils, handprints and mil dye & paint markings. Conditioning by applying Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ enhances performance & adhesion. Let dry 48 hrs before applying TWP Stains.

Hardwoods and Bamboo : Follow above except use 60 grit sand paper with pressure to assure proper profile for adhesion. Always use Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ after sanding to remove "living" layer on the bamboo surfaces and mold/sugar present. If heavy mold is present or bamboo/hardwood shows heavy discoloration, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ first, rinse, let dry and then start sanding process.

OLD WOOD: Remove mildew & loose wood fiber by application of Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ followed by power wash. Dry 48 hours before applying TWP®. Sand rough (checked) areas. Replace wood if severe checking, splintering or softened wood is present . All old finishes must be stripped as they interfere with new coating penetration, reduce longevity, increase mold growth (growth under and thru new film), harm the quality of the "look" and hurt color retention/clarity. Surface may then be finished with TWP® for stain or gloss varnish coat appearance (multi-coats will result in semi-gloss sheen which also yields maximum longevity).

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Recoat, Thinning & Longevity

Dip, brush, roll, pad or spray. Do not apply below 50 deg. F. Apply 300 QD Series in thin, even coats and do not allow the material to puddle. For decks, use applicator pad for best millage control. Apply 2-3 coats of 300 QD Series by spray at full strength (200-400 sq. ft./gal.) for new and aged wood applications.

Mixing UH-1000 Super Catalyst & ZR Thinner - use 16 oz./gal UH-1000 Super Catalyst or higher loading with 8 oz. ZR Thinner …stir catalyst and ZR Thinner together first before adding to 300 QD product to disperse catalyst more even; use drill motor at slow speed to do mixing to minimize air entrainment.

Recoat Timing: The 300 QD Series (uncatalyzed) can be recoated with itself between 4-18 hours & after 1st coat is dry to the touch; if longer than 18 hours, than must scuff sand to overcome surface repellents and clean sanding residue with Wax & Grease Remover before applying 2 nd coat of the 300QD Series (longer for temps below 70 deg. F or in high humidity). The gloss finish properly cured, provides optimum tracking and mar resistance to foot traffic. If one waits longer than 18 hours @ 70° F to recoat and the surface does not feel "tacky", then scuff sand surface with red or grey ScotchBrite pads (use red if grey does not scuff surface) and wipe with FSC's Wax & Grease Remover before applying 300QD.

When using UH-1000 Super Catalyst catalyzed 300 QD, scuff sand surface and wipe with Wax & Grease Remover before applying 2nd coat or applying SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ as a topcoat. If coating is still wet below surface after sanding, allow coating to sit 24-48 hours to harden up and allow trapped solvents to evaporate before applying next coat (re-wipe with Wax & Grease Remover before topcoating). Use ZR Thinner automotive grade thinners only.

For decks, hardwood doors, hardwood windows, bamboo or furniture , always catalyze any 300 Series product with 8-32 oz UH-1000 Super Catalyst /gal and proper ZR Solvents (16 oz UH-1000 Super Catalyst minimum recommended for walking surfaces and surfaces with any abrasion such as doors, windows table tops). Use TBF formulas for maximum longevity.

Coating Bamboo, Hardwoods and other surfaces with TBF Formulas : Apply each coat in 2 passes with 30-45 minutes between passes at 75 degrees F and 50% RH with 2.0-3.0 Mils wet per pass; total DFT 2.5-4 Mils per coat. Apply 2-3 coats; more millage lasts longer. Cannot be used without UH-1000 Super Catalyst .


1) When used in exterior applications, the "wiping or ragging" technique will dramatically shorten finish life - maybe to just a few MONTHS . Always spray for best results; streaking or blotching can result with brush, pad or roller application of modified material.

2) Thinning 300 QD with ZR Thinner will shorten the life of the finish since millage is being reduced. When thinning, more coats are always required.

Reducing Surface Sheen - Apply 2 coats pigmented or pigmented SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ as topcoat over both 300 Series Stains for best results : To lower sheen, three alternatives exit. Use special FSC additive package or scuff lightly with brass wool after application of 2nd coat & after 48 hrs cure are both partial solutions with varying levels of success. The best way to reduce sheen without sacrificing longevity is to topcoat the 300 Series product with pigmented SA-1275 Satin Silicone Poly Plus™ - spray apply for maximum appearance level.

UH-1000 Super Catalyst & SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ Topcoats for Faster Cure, Harder Finish & Enhanced Longevity

For doors, furniture, cabinets & windows, catalyzed 300 Series can be topcoated with SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ (satin or gloss). For faster & harder dry, add UH-1000 Super Catalyst to TWP Deck & Furniture and/or the SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ . Add 12 oz ZR Thinner /gal TWP & stir w/drill motor mixer prior to adding UH-1000 Super Catalyst . Use 16 oz of UH-1000 Super Catalyst /gal 300 Series for most applications; up to 32 oz UH-1000 Super Catalyst /gal for SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ on table tops or rail caps or where abrasion resistance is required. Sheen will increase with use ofUH-1000 Super Catalyst . For interior floor, table & bar top applications, add 32 oz UH-1000 Super Catalyst & 16 oz ZR Thinner per gallon SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™. Always scuff sand between coats when using any UH-1000 Super Catalyst catalyzed 300 Series or SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ product.


300 QD Series may only be recoated with itself or with SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ when the surface shows aging. Lightly scuff with ScotchBrite pads & wipe with FSC Wax & Grease Remover to remove residue & contamination on small surfaces; use Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ and power wash to remove sanding residue on large surfaces & decks. Apply very thin coats in order to minimize film build & insure proper cure.

Hardwoods, bamboo and horizontal surfaces require more frequent applications than vertical applications of softwoods - inspection & touch-up recommended for pigmented systems every 1 to 2 years. Decking or wear surfaces need annual inspections...especially if dogs, bikes, skateboards, chairs, etc are present. If clears are used (which are not recommended in full sun), inspect every 3-6 months or so.

300 QD Clear NOT recommended for exterior surfaces that are fully exposed to the sun. If used, do touch-up & maintain high UV protection with frequent full recoats .

SPREAD RATE (300 QD and 300 TBF):

New, mill-planed or solid power-washed wood; 300-400 sq. ft./gal. per coat. A second coat is recommended and may be necessary to achieve uniform gloss appearance. For stained effect on clean old and new surfaces; 200-500 sq. ft./gal., depending on porosity. For maximum durability, use the gloss finish procedure. Rough Sawn New Wood : 200-300 ft²/gal with first coat & 250-350 ft²/gal. second coat. Rough Sawn Old Wood:150-200 sq. ft./gal. first coat & 200-300 ft²/gal second coat. Higher build or "thicker" than standard 300QD, the 300 TBF will have 50 to 100 sq ft/gal lower spread rate than 300 QD.

Dry Film Thickness Minimum :

A) 300 QD -- 2-3 Mils DFT/Coat with a minimum of 2 coats for total millage of 4-6 Mils. 3 Coats: 6-9 Mils DFT

B) 300 TBF Formulas - 2.5-4 Mils DFT (4-6 Mils Wet)/Coat with a min of 2 coats @ 5-7 Mils DFT; 3 Coats recommended for Bamboo, hardwoods and table top surfaces (UH-1000 Super Catalyst must be added to all TBF products) for total millage of 7.5-10 Mils DFT.

C) 300 TBF Formula 2 coats; 1 coat SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ TBF - 8-11 Mils DFT

D) 300 TBF Formula 1 coat; 2 Coats SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus™ TBF - 9-12 Mils DFT


2-12 Hrs depending on drying conditions.

THINNING: Only use ZR Thinner

Use our environmentally friendly ZR Thinner Fast or Medium ("25g/l" VOC) for thinning ; ZR Thinner for clean-up. Do not use paint store or big box thinners due to recycle contaminants being present which have led to complete coating failures. ZR Thinner are 100% Automotive Grade giving them the lowest water and contaminant levels possible.



This product toxic to fish. Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.


SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 73-80% SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 55-57% 69-75%

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 7.8-8.8 lb. COATING V.O.C (g/l): 347 240-245

RECOAT TIME: Overnight

Disclaimer: Due to variables in computer monitor settings and calibrations, actual color may vary slightly. Stains may vary depending on the quality and different characteristics of the wood that it is being applied to. Paint names may vary between brands, and even though two brands may use the same color name, they may not be an exact match.