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TWP® 1500 Series




PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : The 1500 Series TWP® premium exterior wood treatment is a ® preservative that protects while enhancing the natural warmth, beauty and integrity of both new and old wood. Common uses are wood decks, siding, railings, gazebos, etc. 1500 Series TWP® meets current Volatile Organic Content (VOC) &regulations and is designed to penetrate rather than build a heavy film protecting exterior wood from premature loss of color, rot, surface mildew, and water absorption. TWP® is not intended for the control of termites or other wood destroying insects. EPA# 51578-1


*Top Performing for Softwoods...w/ TWP 400 Series ® *Penetrates deep into the wood w/20% oil

*Beautiful, rich, wood-enhancing preservative *Works on Broad Range of Wood & Uses

*Helps maintain beautiful, natural color *Loaded with SAFE fungicides/mildecides

*Multiple Transparent & Semi-Trans Colors Available


1500 Clear, 1501 Cedartone, 1502 Natural Redwood, 1503 Dark Oak, 1504 Black Walnut,

1511 California Redwood, 1515 Honeytone, 1516 Rustic Oak, 1520 Pecan, 1530 Natural

Notes: 1) 1500 Clear does not contain UV blockers or UV screening pigment and will allow the wood to age to a natural gray.

2) Always do test application to subject wood for suitability; stain colors will appear lighter or darker depending upon the wood color and the effects of penetrating or "wetting" the wood fiber

CUSTOM COLORS: The 1500 Series CANNOT be Custom Colored; Use TWP 400 Series ® if Custom Color Desired

USES: TWP®1500-1520 provide deep penetrating films that are resistant to mildew, fungus, sunlight & moisture, while enhancing the natural color of wood. TWP 1500 Series is used on new & aged wood and is well suited for soft wood such as cedar, redwood and pine applications including decking, siding, fences, fascia, shutters and log homes. Consider TWP®-300QD Series where more sheen is desired.

SURFACE PREPARATION: (Abbreviated Instructions - See FSC Procedure for detailed instructions)

NEW WOOD : Coat all sides for best protection. Best--condition softwoods by sanding lightly to open grain for better product penetration recommended; to remove sanding residue follow with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (3 to 1 dilution with water) application, agitate & rinse.Next best --thoroughly soak with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ , rinse or power wash (best) and allowed to dry for at 48-72 hr before applying TWP ®. Wood Moisture Content to be below 15% for all applications. Hardwoods: always sand all sides with 60 grit with pressure applied to assure "tooth" is achieved - must coat all sides to minimize cupping, curling, splitting; to removes sanding residue, use Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ , agitate with ScotchBrite pad or Stiff Bristle Brush and rinse.

UNTREATED OLD WOOD : It is likely to be gray from sun and/or mildew growth. For color restoration & water stain removal, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (4 to 1 dilution) & power wash. Let dry 48-72 hr before applying TWP. Formildew removal or mold/fungus removal, use Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (3 to 1 dilution) & power wash. Do not use household Chlorine Bleach -- it destroys wood color & does not work against many types of organic growth.

If Old Coatings or Stains Are Present: All Old Coatings must be Stripped . It is possible that Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ used in higher concentration (either use Straight (no dilution) or 1 to 1 dilution with Warm/Hot water - test to see which works), agitate with stiff bristle brush; allow to sit 15-30 minutes; power wash; repeat as necessary. This cheap stripper method will remove 70-90%...not 100%. Always TEST first. If Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ not work, we recommend Strip-This™ Solvent Stripper; follow instructions, scraper off excess & then power wash; repeat as necessary. Once old coating is removed, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ at 3 to 1 dilution, allow to dwell 15-30 min, power wash.

SHAKE & SHINGLE SIDING : Allow new installations to age 2-3 months for best results including pressure treated shakes or shingles. For restoration of old shingles, follow old wood cleaning procedures including Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (3 to 1) and power wash.

Strip all old coatings -- test with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (1 to 1 dilution with warm/hot water) and power wash as low cost stripper solution if it works; if Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ does not work sufficiently on the coating, apply Strip This™ and follow Stripping Procedure above and restore wood color with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (3 to1) with 15-30 min dwell time and power wash.

PRESSURE TREATED WOOD : Pressure Treatment surface and near-surface salts must be removed in order to facilitate 1500 Series penetration & longevity. Has shown to work on most types of pressure treatments used on wood shingles, beams, posts or any other wood type, apply Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ (4 to 1 dilution) by spray, agitate, allow to dwell 15-30 min and power wash; repeat for enhanced wood color. Allow 48-72 hr dry; test moisture content with maximum 15% allowed.


Airless spray, HVLP, brush, applicator pad & roller. DO NOT PUDDLE ON HORIZONTAL DECK SURFACES. For vertical surfaces, spray and back-roll is best. Back-rolling or back-brushing recommended whenever spray application is used. More coats required when brush and roll are used. Mix 1500 Series with drill motor stirrer before and during use - check bottom of can or bucket with wood stick to check for pigment on the bottom - if pigment/resin is on the bottom of the can continue mixing. Applicator pad best for decks. Decks: Apply thin coats only. 2 coats required on aged wood; apply 2nd coat on new wood after 60-90 days. Remove or spread out excess material that has not absorbed within 30 minutes. Apply at 60° F or warmer. Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours. Shutoff sprinklers before and for the first 3 days after application.


A second coat will be required over most porous, aged surfaces after overnight dry if above 80° F (1-2 days if temp is above 70° F; longer if below 65° F) on decking or sidewall applications. Spread out and/or remove excess material on flat surfaces. Do not recoat if first coat is still wet or shiny-especially on decking. Do Not Puddle material on horizontal surfaces. DO NOT APPLY THIS PRODUCT OVER PREVIOUSLY PAINTED OR SEALED SURFACES WITHOUT REMOVAL TO INSURE PENETRATION....or you will get shiny spots!


Mill-planed new deck wood : Thin coats @ 300-500 sq.ft./gal per coat using applicator pad (wait 30-90 days before applying 2nd coat, clean with Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ before applying 2 nd coat.

Rough sawn siding : Flood coat @ 200-300 sq. ft./ gallon per coat (2-3 coats required for aged wood).

Old cedar shakes & shingles : Flood coat @ 125-225 sq.ft./gal/coat (2-3 coats required for aged wood -- all vertical siding & steep roofs; 2nd and 3rd coat coverage will be greater - probably 200-300 sq ft/gal)

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: To keep the desired look, Routine Maintenance is required. Avoid continual soaking of siding areas from sprinklers. Salt & chemical deposits remain on the surface after water evaporates and can be unsightly. Sidewall: when the finish ages for several years & begins to lose color, clean & reapply 1-2 coats of TWP. Decks: As finish begins to fade, clean & reapply TWP -- every 1-3 years depending upon exposure & wood condition. Use Z-90 Wood Magic Plus ™ as the cleaner between coats & power wash for best results. Note: Hardwood decks or siding will require more frequent maintenance due to low absorption rates.

CLEAN UP: Use ZR Thinner or Lacquer Thinner. On glass, remove excess with ZR Thinner and clean with sudsy ammonia cleaner immediately after application.

DRY TIME: 1 day to 3 weeks depending on temperature & humidity.



Solids by Weight: 60-65% Weight per Gallon 7.2-7.6 lb/gal

Solids by Volume: 56-65% Max Coating VOC 350 grams/liter

Flash Point: All products - 105°F DOT Classification: Combustible Liquid, NOS, NA 1993, PG III, Contains Rule 66 Mineral Spirits

To the best of our knowledge, the above technical data is true and accurate at the date of issuance, but is subject to change without notice. Liability, if any, is limited to the replacement of an equivalent amount of new product or refund of purchase price. This warranty specifically excludes labor or cost of labor.

Disclaimer: Due to variables in computer monitor settings and calibrations, actual color may vary slightly. Stains may vary depending on the quality and different characteristics of the wood that it is being applied to. Paint names may vary between brands, and even though two brands may use the same color name, they may not be an exact match.