SP 50 SIL Poly ®




"Broadest Use Range High Performance Topcoats on Market Today"

(420, 250, 50 g/l VOC)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The highest performance silicone copolymer enamel topcoat available on market today based on independent testing...military, water district and commercial user testing. Silicone Poly Plus® is a high solids gloss topcoat which meets or exceeds the performance standards of Federal spec. TTE-490E @ MIL E 24635A Type 1 @ 2. The Silicone Poly Plus® exhibits outstanding gloss and color retention, equal to or greater than common high solids, two component industrial urethanes. This is an extremely user-friendly product for maintenance, industrial and architectural applications where long-term performance is essential. Adhesion is excellent over a broad spectrum of previously painted surfaces including Kynar® and Duranar™ baked coatings. Cured finish has superior adhesion as well as excellent direct and reverse impact resistance for direct to steel applications. Test results show Silicone Poly Plus® has greater reverse & direct impact strengths than common industrial urethane brands. Even full catalyzed with UH-1000, SP/SA over RUSTOP Maximum primed metal panels can be bent over 100 times without adhesion loss or cracking…an unbelievable show of flexibility, toughness and adhesion. No known Industrial Urethane/Epoxy System from other manufacturers can do this.

This system can be used as DTM or with RUSTOP® and Zero-Rust® primers (Best Performance). SP/SA offers unmatched performance and corrosion resistance (2400 to 2888 hours in ASTM B-117 Salt Spray) where chemical resistance, gloss retention, toughness, flexibility and adhesion are required…especially when applied over marginal prep surfaces such as hand tool cleaned, commercial blast, acid etched or tight-bonded rust. Outperforms common solvent & water-borne industrial urethane systems by 200-300% in terms of color retention, gloss retention, adhesion and flexibility per LA Water District Testing. We do not know of an equal performing system on the market for the Los Angeles/San Fran/San Diego areas.

Product Highlights *Excellent Gloss and Color Retention In Desert & Marine Use

*Excellent Corrosion Protection *Excellent Abrasion, Impact & Heat (400°F & up) Resistance

*Outperforms Common Industrial Urethanes *Unmatched Longevity in Maintenance OEM Applications

*Excellent Chemical and Weather Resistance *Multiple Sheens: From Mirror Finish to Satin & Semi-Gloss

*Lowest Life Cycle Costs: Cost Effective *Perfect for Many Surfaces: Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Galvanize, Etc

*Can Be Sanded after Overnight Cure *Can Be Polished after 30 Day Cure for True Mirror Gloss

*Can Be Custom Tinted at Extra Charge *"Ultimate UV" Package Can be Added for Extended Life

All SA and SP formulas can also be ordered with FSC's "Ultimate UV" technology for enhanced color retention over the standard formula with independent testing showing a dramatic 30-50% increase in gloss retention & longevity. If clear or transparent coatings are desired, use SA-1000 Silicone Poly Plus Varnish with "Ultimate UV" and TBF UV Package. We also recommend using Graffiti Max or PolyAC 3.5 Clear when absolute water-white, long life clear coats are desired. Talk to our Coatings Consultants for advice on clear selection.

SP-250 and SP-50 (250 & 50 G/L Silicone Poly Plus formulas) -- New, Ultra-Low VOC High Performance Breakthrough for Los Angeles/San Francisco/San Diego areas: FSC Coatings is excited to announce their newest formulation of the Silicone Poly Plus to meet the latest requirements of the South Coast & Bay Area Air Quality Districts. This version has the same high performance resin system with a somewhat quicker cure time than the 250 g/l formula. The UH-1000 Super Catalyst (100 g/l) is recommended at 16-32 oz/gal SP-X depending upon the application and the hardness/abrasion resistance/chemical resistance required.

The FSC Accelerator (Speed Cure included) is recommended where maximum cure properties are required and particularly when the application temperatures are below 75°F. Each 1 gal of SP/SA makes 1.25 - 1.50 gallons of Ready-to-Use Product with UH-1000 & ZR Thinner added with dramatic benefits in applied cost per sq ft.


1) Metals: Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Surfaces, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bonderized

2) Non-Metallic: Fiberglass, Wood & Masonry (all with proper surface prep and priming)


1) General Industrial Maintenance, Energy, Water Treatment, Vehicle & OEM Applications: Tanks (small & Million Barrel sizes), pressure vessels, wellheads, truck bodies & frames, piping, structural steel for buildings & pipe racks, hand rails, metal roofing & siding, railcars, transmission towers, cell towers, implements, manhole covers, temporary steel plates for road repair, water treatment plant piping, electrical switchgear, pumps, fiberglass tanks, chemical storage tanks, metering systems, pallet racking, High Heat Exhaust Stacks (400°F & up)

2) Marine, Offshore Platforms, Dock & Shore Terminal: Above waterline marine structural components for docks, ships, barges, trailers, pallet racks, water treatment equipment, fiberglass panels, railings, gates and a variety of maintenance applications.

3) Vehicles, Trailers and Rail Cars: Frames, truck bodies, dump trucks (see pictures of LA Met Water Dump Trucks), trailers, exhaust parts, engine blocks, 4 wheelers, car bodies, etc (use 32 to 64 oz UH-1000 with 2200 Speed Cure Accelerator for improved scratch/mar resistance)

4) Specialty Uses: Mirror and "baby bottom" smooth finishes for wood & metal front doors & gates, give "automotive look" to wood/particle board cabinets, Unique Feaux Gate Finishes, "Deep" Natural Wood Finishes (using clear or better SA-1000 Transparent Wood Varnish)

Use as DTM or Prime : Lox-Rustâ or Zero-Rustâ rust control primers are recommended for most applications for maximum longevity and corrosion resistance. When primed with Lox-Rustâ or Zero-Rustâ, excellent ASTM B-117 Salt Spray results are achieved ranging from 1,000 to 2,000+ hours with "0" scribe creep on marginally prepared smooth steel or sandblasted surfaces -- this is true breakthrough anti-corrosion performance. SA-3 and SP-X formulas can be used as Direct-to-Metal (DTM) coatings for very mildly corrosive interior & exterior applications (properly prepared & treated clean metal) -- multiple coats recommended.


SA Formula (275-420 g/l) SP Formula (200-250 g/l) SP-50 (50 g/l)

WEIGHT PER GAL: 9.87 lbs. 10.33 lbs. (white) 11.79 lbs.

VISCOSITY: 78-82 K.U. 78-82 K.U. 80-85 K.U.

FLASH POINT: T.C.C. 104°F 104°F 109°F

VOC: 351-410 gm/l. 200-250 g/l 50 g/l

WEIGHTS SOLIDS: 70-74% 70-74% 58-62% ± 2%

VOLUME SOLIDS: 56-60 +-2 64-68% 54-58 ± 2%

60 DEG. GLOSS: 90+ 90+ 90+

DRY TIME @77°F: S.T.: 2-3Hrs. 2-5Hrs. 3 Hrs.

DRY HARD: 24-36 HRS. @ 2.0 Mil DFT 24-48 Hrs. 24-36 Hrs.@2Mil

RECOAT (w/o Catalyst) 72 Hrs. 72-96 Hrs. 72 Hrs.

w/ UH-1000 @8 oz/gal 24 Hrs. @ 2.5-3.0 Mil DFT 24 Hrs. 24 Hrs. @ 2.5Mil

Optimal Film Thickness: 5-6 Mils Wet (2.5-3.0 Mil DFT) 4-5 Mils Wet 5-6 Mils Wet (2.5-3 DFT)

APPLICATION & THINNING: Conventional, HVLP or airless spray. Brush, applicator pad or roll. Excellent appearance even when applied by brush or pad when applied in cooler temperatures on cooler surfaces (less than 75 degrees F). Thin with ZR Thinner only ("O" VOC - does not change VOC of coating). For recoat, allow at least 72 hrs between coats for uncatalyzed SA-3 and 72-96 hr for uncatalyzed SP-X (depending upon temperature). When catalyzed at 16 oz UH-1000/gal or higher and applied in light coats, SA-3 & SP-X can be recoated after 24 hours when applied at 75° F or higher temp and less than 50% humidity.

SPREAD RATE (Theoretical) SA (420 g/l) SP-X (250g/l) SP-50 (50 g/l)

@400 ft²/gal 4 mils Wet Film = 2.2 mils Dry Film Thick 2.4-2.6 mils DFT 2.2 mils DFT

@300 ft²/gal airless spray 5 mils Wet Film = 2.8 mils Dry Film Thick 3.0-3.3 mils DFT 2.8 mils DFT

@250 ft²/gal airless spray 6 mils Wet Film = 3.3 mils Dry Film Thick 3.6-3.9 mils DFT 3.3 mils DFT


Standard is a mirror finish of 90-95 gloss; semi-gloss & satin sheens available in large batches and at additional cost. Satin Clear SA-1275 is available for tinting in small quantities. UH-1000 Super Catalyst will increase gloss when added to SP-X. For maximum sheen and depth of finish, catalyze with UH-1000 Super Catalyst @ 16-32 oz/gal, color sand with 1500-2500 grit wet' & dry paper followed by proper buff with buffing compound after 30 days or longer cure (Note: SP-X finish must be hard before fine sand & buff or will NOT achieve full luster and depth of finish).


PREVIOUSLY PAINTED STEEL : Remove dirt, grease or surface chalk. Scuff sand with maroon Scotch-Brite pads or 180 grit sandpaper. Wipe on FSC's Wax & Grease Remover with one clean rag in one direction and wipe off in one direction with second clean rag. Coat within 10 minutes. Use Prep Stepâ to assist with loose rust removal. Prime rust spots with Red or Black modified phenolic "ZERO RUST"â primer or RUSTOPâ. Stripe coat all edges with primer before topcoating with SA-3 or SP-X to ensure against edge creep & rusty edges. See FSC procedure for complete application procedures. Note: it is always best to completely remove old coatings before coating with RUSTOPâ/Zero-Rustâ/SP-X system to obtain maximum longevity as old coatings can "peel" or lift at any time.

UNPAINTED STEEL SURFACES, NON-FERROUS METAL, and GALVANIZED STEEL : Check with your FSC Coatings Technical Consultant regarding proper metal prep & primer selection. Brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and all other alloys require special surface prep with etching solutions. FSC has developed special procedures for protecting new, previously unpainted steel.

ROUTINE Maintenance: While these coatings last a long time, physical damage is common in any application from Railings to Siding to Roofing to Tankage to Ships to Piping to Fire Hydrants to Dump Trucks and so forth. Touch-up is recommended yearly for coastal, high humidity and corrosive exposures; bi-yearly for others. The system life and visual beauty are maximized by taking care of damage areas in a timely fashion. We recommend maintenance contracts for HOA's and large residential/commercial projects with the original applicator to deal with these issues given their project familiarity.


The following data is a direct comparison of the old standard TTE - 490, 30% silicone/alkyd copolymer with our proprietary modified silicone copolymer technology. Our new resins allow for formulating to low level VOC's with good application properties and outstanding physical properties. All data based on 1.5mm dry film thickness on B-1000 CRS after one week air dry.

TTE-490 SA-3 SA-3 SP-50

Navy Haze Gray Navy Haze Gray White White

DRY TIME : Set to Touch 1.25 hrs. 1.5 hrs. 1.5 hrs. 2.0 hrs

: Tack Free 3.0 " 6.5 " 6.5 " 6 hrs

: Hard Dry 4.0 " 6.5 " 6.5 " 6 hrs

: Through Dry 4.0 " 6.5 " 6.5 " 6 hrs

HARDNESS : Sward 24 hrs. 10 6 8

: One Week. 24 14 18

QUV: Accelerated Weather UVB313/8 hrs. @ 60°C., followed by 4 hrs. of condensation at 40°C., 2 cycles/ 24hrs.

Initial 60° Gloss: 93 93 89 Initial 92° Gloss

336 hrs.: 79/85% 82/88% 78/88% 154 hr 85/92%

672 hrs.: 61/66% 61/66% 52/58% 292 hr 74/80%

1008 hrs.: 35/38% 33/36% 34/38% 783 hr 27/29%

CLEVELAND HUMIDITY: Continuous condensation at 100°F.

Initial 60° Gloss: 93 93 89 91

1008 hours.: 86 86 81 76

SALT SPRAY: ASTM B-117. @ 168 HRS.

Field none none none none

Scribe blisters dense #2 few #4 very few #4 few #7

Scribe creep 1/4" 1/8" 1/32" 3/16"


Hardness (no Catalyst) <2B <2B <2B 3B-2B

(w/8oz UH-1000 Super Catalyst 4B 4B

Direct impact: Inch-lbs. 130 OK 160 OK 150 OK 160 OK

Reverse Impact " 50 OK 150 OK 135 OK 120 OK

1/8" conical bend pass pass pass pass

X-hatch adhesion: 5B 5B 5B 5B

TEST RESULTS SUMMARY: In most cases the SA-3 Silicone Polyester Plus® properties exceed those of the original TTE 490E formulations and newer Navy topcoat systems. Other than slightly slower dry characteristics, the cured films have superior direct to steel adhesion and moisture resistance under salt spray conditions with improved impact resistance. The impact strengths are greater than most industrial urethanes-especially the reverse impact which we have found to be our best measure of adhesion.

California Water District Testing Results for Silicone Poly Plus (SA-3):

QUV Accelerated Weathering for SA-3 >75-80% Gloss retention @ 500 hrs with standard UV Pkg.

Weatherometer : Xenon Arc 1600 hrs: Gloss retention 60-65% w/standard SA-3; 87-97% w/"Ultimate UV" Package