“Leaves a Surface Looking Like Nothing is There”


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SILOX-SEAL is a penetrating high performance water-based silane/siloxane masonry water repellent sealer with great flexibility in use and performance based upon project need and conditions. SILOX-SEAL provides excellent water repellency, dramatically reduces or eliminates efflorescence, and improves protection from damage caused by freezing and thawing. The product is totally non-hazardous. SILOX-SEAL reacts with the substrate forming a hydrophobic barrier that prevents the penetration of liquid water while allowing water vapor to transfer through the masonry/concrete matrix for escapement to the atmosphere (keeps moisture from saturating and damaging the wall). Performance exceeds the requirements of NCHRP 244 and Federal Specification SSW 110C when applied as directed. SILOX-SEAL can be used by itself of it can be topcoated for additional wind-driven rain protection as with Prime & Seal® #1,#2,#3 System, the MaxLife Ultra-Performance Thin-Film Elastomeric System or AWR Super Sealer.

SILOX-SEAL comes as SILOX-SEAL “A” (proprietary Silane/Siloxane resins) with the option of adding SILOX-SEAL “B” Performance Enhancer for fast repellency development to meet project performance objectives and when NOT topcoating with another sealer or paint system. The visual appearance of the treated surface will show little or no change after product application with SILOX-SEAL “A”…slightly more visible when SILOX-SEAL“B” is added but the majority of the time is still not noticeable. When topcoating with Prime & Seal® #1,#2,#3 Waterproofing System, MaxLife™ High Performance Coating System, DeckMaster® or AWR Super Sealer or any other system, use SILOX-SEAL “A” only.


*Ideal for Masonry & Concrete As Well As Natural Stones Including Limestone & Sandstone

*Best Performing of Silane/Siloxanes Tested *Water-based for Low Odor & Easy Cleanup

*Provides “Deep In-the-Wall” Waterproofing *Allows Vapor Migration for Water Escapement

*Increases Strength & Density of the Matrix *Easy to Apply; Easy to Mix

*Can Be Topcoated: Paints or Surface Sealers *Cost Effective

*Can Be Used on Both Interior or Exterior Surfaces

SILOX-SEAL “A” reacts very quickly with new concrete or masonry (usually 1 to 3 days); it takes anywhere from 10 to 90 days to fully react and develop full repellency on aged concrete. As stated above, the SILOX-SEAL “A” can be enhanced with SILOX-SEAL “B” for immediate water repellency and beading. The blends of the two are either 1:1 (1 gallon of each) or 2:1 (2 gallons of SILOX-SEAL “A” to 1 gallon of SILOX-SEAL “B”) depending upon the masonry and “the need” for the project. For example, foundation masonry leaking water into a basement or a sea-wall allowing water migration should be treated with 1:1 to give the strongest possible immediate repellency. For a garage floor or masonry wall that is leaking water through the matrix only in heavy storms, the 2 to 1 mix would be just fine.

Note: Always do a project test area or mockup to ensure that the desired look is achieved where surface color is an issue.

SURFACES: New and old concrete and mortar, stucco, plaster, concrete block including split-face & cut-face block types, limestone, sandstone, red brick and terra cotta.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Apply only to untreated and unsealed surfaces. Remove existing efflorescence and latents by sandblasting or by cleaning with appropriate acid solution… starting with mild pH acid solutions such as The Bio-Safe Bio-Cleaner or Z-90 Plus. Etch & Clean (modified high concentration phosphoric acid) is to be used only if strong acid is required to remove stubborn discoloration/streaking as from strontium, efflorescence or certain other metal salts.

Warning: Do NOT use Muriatic Acid or Hydrochloric Acid as it can never be neutralized and the reactant products are corrosive. Muriatic Acid also reacts with the Siloxane minimizing penetration and can cause yellowing.


WARNING: DO NOT APPLY TO SURFACES BELOW 40O F OR ABOVE 90O F. These high temp conditions are common during the heat of the day in summer months or on direct south/west facing surfaces in full sun even during spring & fall. During high heat conditions, spraying or misting water on the wall immediately before application can drop the temp dramatically due to evaporative cooling.

VERTICAL SURFACES : For best results, apply by spray in overlapping pattern. Delivery system, depending on size and height of surfaces, may be any spray applicator ranging from garden pump sprayers to high volume airless pumps (very good) or HVLP (Best). Use a very coarse spray tip and hold the tip close to the surface to avoid atomizing the product. Apply starting at highest elevation until material starts to run down, signifying that the substrate is saturated. Generally, a four to six foot high by twelve to twenty feet wide area is manageable. The size of area easily covered will depend on the size and type of staging when working on surfaces not reachable from ground level. Always apply with a uniform pattern until the surface is saturated and the material starts to run down. At lower levels on wall (near ground), be sure to bend down to make sure the product is evenly applied to all of the wall area to ground level (even below grade masonry if possible to prevent wicking of rain/landscaping water into the wall). Can also be applied with brush or roller until surface is saturated – spray and backroll is better on rough surfaces to “work in” SILOX-SEAL making sure all surfaces are coated without “shadowing”. Mark off areas in 200-400 sq. ft. blocks and check material levels in the pail/bucket to ensure proper coverage.

HORIZONTAL SURFACES: Apply at recommended spread rate after determining the size of the surface. Mark off area in 200-400 sq. ft. blocks and match product usage to the area. Can be applied by spray, brush or roller with spray and backroll being the very best method. If applied by brush or roller, it is best to pour material on the floor in ribbons and ‘work’ the material into the entire surface. Must be evenly wet…do not leave puddles or will cause “shiners”.

Sealing Open Cracks and Micro-Cracks (Spider Cracks) after Application of SILOX-SEAL: After application of the SILOX-SEAL, all “open” structural cracks with displacement must be sealed with appropriate sealant or caulking. We specify Geocel 2300 Tripolymer Clear as the best caulking we have tested (stays clear even in direct sun for many years). Severely aged and eroded mortar joints must be tuck-pointed before sealing. Remove all loose surface contaminants, discoloration, grease and oil. Substrate must be completely dry before treating (generally 2 to 3 days after cleaning). It is wise to also use Prime & Seal #1, #2, #3 (3 coat system) as a surface sealant system to stop wind driven rain and bridge micro-cracks.


VERTICAL SURFACES : Apply amount necessary to saturate substrate as described above. Amount will vary but is typically 75-100 sq. ft. /gal for very absorbent surfaces including block or rough stucco such as “lace” type surfaces; 200-400 sq. ft./gal per coat on tight concrete surfaces as smooth concrete walls.

HORIZONTAL SURFACES : Apply 1st coat at 125-175 sq. ft./gallon on rough, absorbent surfaces. SILOX SEAL can be applied in 2 wet-on-wet coats at 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat to reduce the potential of leaving areas with inadequate coverage. It is important that the 2 coat application is wet-on-wet; otherwise the second coat will not penetrate. Whether applying a 1 or 2 coat application, any material that does not penetrate should be removed to avoid the formation of glossy spots. When topcoating, apply one saturation coat of SILOX-SEAL “A”. Damaged concrete or areas of exposed aggregate (surface concrete broken leaving rocks exposed) should have 2 coats to achieve a water seal and stabilize the concrete in the immediate area to prevent spread of the surface damage.

Spread Rate Continued: Although the recommended spread rates are generally adequate, there may be variations in substrate porosity which may require more or less material for optimum results.

THINNING & CLEAN UP : No thinning necessary unless used as a primer for surface coatings. When used as a pre-primer, should be mixed 3 parts SILOX SEAL with 1 part water by volume on tight surfaces for increased penetration into the substrate. Clean equipment with water.


NEW ALKALINE SUBSTRATES : (Concrete, Split face Block, Exposed Aggregate) for best results allow substrate to cure 28 days. SILOX SEAL may be applied to green concrete providing the surface is dry. Full cure is obtained in 1-3 days on these substrates.

AGED & NEUTRAL SUBSTRATES: Full cure of SILOX SEAL may take from one week to 90 days. Interim exposure to the elements does not remove the product.

RECOAT: When second coat is specified or desired, it should be applied as soon as the first coat has penetrated. This wet-on-wet method insures penetration of the second coat.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 10% by weight. DENSITY: 8.2-8.3 LB/GAL

VOC: Standard Mix VOC: 211 g/l (EPA method 24, ASTM 3960, ASTM 5095); SILOX SEAL as supplied does not contain any measurable VOC. The VOC is generated as a by-product of the curing mechanism. For California, SILOX-SEAL is formulated below 100 g/l.

DISCLAIMER: Although SILOX SEAL is an extremely effective water repellent with long lasting service life, it is not designed to exclude water penetration through: