RUSTOP® Maximum 250VOC


FSC Coating’s RUSTOP ® Family of Primers –

Creating a New Performance Level For Powder Coating and Liquid Coating Operations:

RUSTOP ® Pushes “Powder Coating Adhesion and

Corrosion Resistance” to the Next Performance Level

VOC’s – 100 g/l, 250 g/l, 414 g/l

RUSTOP ® Family of High Performance Primers:

1) RUSTOP ® 3000 Maximum Phenolic – Recoatable Modified-Phenolic;

Almost 4,000 hrs ASTM B-117Salt Spray Results

2) RUSTOP ® 3500 Extended w/Early & Extended Recoat Times -- 1500+ Hr. Salt Spray

With RUSTOP ® 6000, PolyAc or SP-X Topcoats

3) RUSTOP ® 6000 Metallic – Aluminum Moisture Cured Urethane; 2,000+ hr Salt Spray

Product Description: The RUSTOP® product line is the highest performance family of primers for marginally prepared and blasted surfaces available worldwide with a broad range of applications and uses with Powder Coating as well as Liquid Coatings. All are single component with ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Performance on marginal prep from 1200 to 3,888 hr with less than 3/16” scribe creep…with unmatched application flexibility in terms of speed of cure and recoat windows. RUSTOP® Products are compatible for use together.

RUSTOP ® Product Highlight Overview Chart:

Properties 3000 Maximum 3500 Extended 6000 Metallic

B-117 Salt Spray 3,888 hr 1500 hr 2,000+hr

Scribe Creep 0 to <1/16” <1/8” <3/16”

FilmThickness 4 Mils DFT (1 coat) 3.5-4 DFT 5-6 Mils DFT (2 Cts)

(1 coat in 2 passes with 15 min between pass)

Time to Recoat 1 to 3 Days up to 2 months 1 to 6 hours

(air dry, 75°F, 50% RH)

Coverage (sqft/gal) 200-250 250-300 250-300

Solids by Volume: 55-60% 60-70% 48-65%

System Type: Modified Phenolic Modified Phenolic Aluminum MC Urethane

VOC’s (g/l) 100-250 in stock 250 g/l in stock 250 to 414 g/l

(250 g/l special order 100 gal batch)

Colors: Black, Red, Grey Grey, Red Metallic silver…

(Custom Colors Available)

Powder coating has many desirable qualities that have led to its rapid growth among applicators & users alike: No VOC's, great finish, tough film properties & sunlight resistance are great properties. The major drawback has been corrosion resistance and adhesion -- especially if the film has been "dinged" or otherwise damaged exposing the metal surface. RUSTOP® solves these issues…and has been proven to dramatically enhance the longevity and corrosion resistance of these systems in unequalled Salt Spray Testing.

Liquid coatings such as SP-50 Silicone Poly Plus, SP-250 Silicone Poly Plus, PolyAC Super Urethane and MaxLife Super Acrylic Topcoats can easily be applied over RUSTOP ® with tremendous adhesion, toughness and longevity. We recommend applying the SP Silicone Poly Plus and MaxLife coatings before 24 hours of cure at 70°F (anytime after 4 hours normally good as long as RUSTOP® is firm). Apply PolyAC after 24 hours cure to make sure the RUSTOP® phenolic resin is cured enough to withstand the aggressive solvents in PolyAC. Follow FSC Coatings’ Scuff Sand and Wax & Grease Remover procedures before applying topcoats and when coatings have cured beyond the recoat window.

Corrosion Protection and Adhesion With FSC’s Systems Like None Other -- This is where the RUSTOP® systems step into the powder coating picture: they solve the adhesion and corrosion resistance issues common in powder coating with minimal surface preparation. Even under full scribe ASTM B-117 Salt Spray testing onsmooth, brush finished steel (unblasted), these RUSTOP® formulas exhibit Zero to 1/16” Scribe Creep from 1,500 hrs to almost 4,000 hrs depending upon actual formula--a performance level no other primer can match on unblasted steel.

Recent ASTM B-117 testing (2009-2010) by an independent lab has shown 4 Mil DFT RUSTOP™ Maximum (smooth, brush finished steel panels – not blasted) coated with Powder Coating to exhibit perfect adhesion with less than 1/16” scribe creep and salt spray resistance at almost 4,000+ hours . The intercoat adhesion of the powder topcoat to the RUSTOP™ Maximum is also essentially perfect – even at the scribe. It is significant to note that these panels were prepared and coated at a Los Angeles powder coating application facility – not under perfect lab conditions – to yield “real world” performance results. These results show breakthrough performance for the powder coating industry with low cost, fast, marginal surface preparation.

These primer systems are single component with no pot-life issues and utilize a unique, true “barrier coat” technology -- meaning no metal pigment content yet totally impermeable to water, salts and air. These environmentally sound and safe systems have VOC's ranging as low as 100 g/l meeting Southern California and AQMD’s toughest new VOC standards. These products are the result of over 25 years of development research and practical application testing. No epoxy or zinc system can match this cost-to-benefit performance and ease of application standard.

What about Epoxies, Zinc Epoxies and Zinc Coatings? In fact, recent epoxy testing has shown complete salt spray failures at 500 hr or less on marginal preparation (smooth steel) surfaces. Neither Epoxies nor Zinc systems work unless you have a 2-3 mil White Metal Blast and the White Metal Blast is maintained at the time the coating is applied – a very expensive proposition. Then there is the extra powder required to fill the rough profile for the Zinc Systems – another big expense. Hence, RUSTOP™ system offers the only cost effective systems to truly reach long-term term corrosion protection and performance targets with perfect adhesion with marginal surface preparation. RUSTOP Maximum™ is our ultimate breakthrough technology that dramatically improves powder coating adhesion and lowers costs.

Summary of RUSTOP ® Benefits to

Contractor, User and Applicator :

* Easy application; safe to applicator. * Low VOC's -- as low as 100 g/l

* Surface Prep Simplified --can be as simple as phosphate washes along with the removal of loose rust -- often all that is necessary

* Sandblasting can be eliminated in many cases though works very well over sandblasted surfaces. With mill scale or flake rust present, brush-blasting is recommended for removal.

* Can be oven baked for fast cure after 30 min solvent flash-off at 75-100 degrees F; can handle powder coating curing temperatures.

* RUSTOP® Maximum & Extended Can be top-coated with almost any topcoat -- liquid or powder coating. We recommend SP-250 Silicone Poly Plus™, PolyAC Super Urethane, RUSTOP® Metallic, Graffiti Max™, AWR Super Sealer, Crystal Coat or Bio-Safe MaxLife™ Water-Borne Systems.

* ASTM B-117 Salt Spray results of Zero to Less than 1/16” Scribe Creep with Full Scribe – 1,500 to just under 4,000 hours with powder coat topcoat on smooth, brush finished steel depending upon formula - yet with VOC less than 100 g/l.

* Sticks to almost anything – with superior adhesion to aluminum, steel, stainless steel, galvanizing, numerous alloys, wood, sheetrock, neutralized masonry and most plastics with proper surface preparation.

* Dramatic cost savings over epoxies and metalizing in many cases – usually 25-35% the cost of metalizing (in other words, 65-75% savings). Metalizing leaves a rough, deep profile and requires additional powder (big cost increase for a project) to achieve a smooth surface. RUSTOP ® works great with marginal prep – epoxies need 2-3 mil blast profile White Metal blast to go achieve significant corrosion resistance.

* Saves time and money with improved control over completion schedule --can be done at the powder coater’s shop – no need to send out, no special prep, easy application.

* Most any issue of millage or prep can be solved easily and cost effectively at the plant or in the field – important in today’s tight bidding environment.

* Easy to field repair with scuff sand & with Wax & Grease Remover – Aerosol cans available.

Stockpile Your Primed Creations – and then Topcoat in Up to 2 Months ; Use RUSTOP® Extended for your second prime coat and your recoat window for top-coating can be anywhere from an hour to a few months. Great for fence builders, siding manufacturers or part suppliers when offering a multitude of colors. Use RUSTOP® Extended at 3.5-4.0 Mils DFT over RUSTOP® Maximum@3.0-4.0 Mils DFT for marine, military and corrosive environments. Contact your FSC representative for best system to use for your project.

Safe to the Applicator; Safe to the Environment : No harmful body reactive components like urethane or epoxy primers. Free of toxic or harmful metals. No waste due to pot-life issues. VOC as low as 100 g/l.

Number of Coats Required: A single coat (two passes-15 to 30 minutes apart) of RUSTOP® Maximum (6-7 Mils wet; 3-4 mils DFT) is tremendously effective for most onshore, non-coastal applications. 2 full coats (5-7 Mils DFT) are recommended for maximum corrosion resistance in coastal, near coastal, offshore & other corrosive environments. When 2 full coats are used, apply black directly to the metal and red oxide as second primer coat – each coat (two passes per coat with 15-30 minutes apart) at 3.0-4.0 mils DFT for a total of 6.0-7.5 mills DFT. For military, marine or industrial uses such as oil production, gas distribution or water treatment, apply 2 coats of primer – Black as the base coat and red oxide as the second coat is recommended. For RUSTOP® Extended, it is to be applied at 5-6 Wet Mils per coat yielding 3.5-4 Mils DFT (2 passes recommended). Contact FSC Coatings for exact procedure depending upon plant set-up, application conditions and bake cycle.

Colors for RUSTOP Maximum:

RUSTOP ® Maximum: We recommend using Black and Red Oxide colors for maximum corrosion protection and performance. Grey is available but should only be used as a second primer coat.

RUSTOP ® Extended: Red Oxide and Grey are stock colors; black available as special order in 100 gal or greater batches.

Surface preparation: in many cases, the need for sandblasting Aluminum or Steel is eliminated though the more “tooth” the better as to adhesion and corrosion resistance. Often the only prep required is only scuffing with Wax & Grease Remover and a mild acid wash. RUSTOP® has superior adhesion to almost anything. This attribute is an insurance policy to the powder coater – longer life and dramatically enhanced corrosion resistance lead to happy, REPEAT customers. Use FSC recommended surface prep materials to achieve best adhesion and longevity including the “Prep Step” and DX systems with specific compounds for zinc, steel, aluminum and so forth.

A clean, oil-free surface will always yield the best result. Wear rubber gloves at all times to keep oily finger prints from ruining the job. Always use FSC Wax & Grease Remover prior to coating with Scoth-Brite™ agitation/scuffing for maximum adhesion to ensure the best possible adhesion & longevity–and the happiest customers. The FSC Wax & Grease Remover/Scotch-Brite™ procedure must be followed before applying 2nd coat to ensure adhesion.

Application Basics for Powder Coating over FSC’s Primers:

1) Application Method: After using the proper surface preparation method, apply either of the RUSTOP® formulas with a spray application, (use of electrostatic liquid equipment recommended if available).

2) Application Rate: 200-250 sq ft per gallon (after two passes) – target is 3.0-4.0 mil DFT (6-7 mils wet) for single coat of RUSTOP® Maximum in two passes; 3.5-4 mils DFT for RUSTOP® Extended per coat (5-6 mils wet). When applying two coats of RUSTOP ® Maximum, 5.0-7 Mils DFT total. If brush or roller is used, more coats will be required. Use a wet mil gauge during application and magnetic mil gage when coating is dry. A pinhole free finish is required – use wet sponge Holiday detector. These rates assume each coat of RUSTOP ® is solvent flashed for 30 minutes and then baked in oven at 150-180°F prior to powder coating.

3) Oven Cure Basics

A) Cure Time with Flash-Off Time Important: It is important to flash-off the solvents prior to top-coating -- takes about 30 minutes at 75-100°F & less than 50% relative humidity. A quick oven trip for 15 to 30 min. at 150-200°F should make the RUSTOP® ready to apply powder, or liquid coat fast (optimum flash/cure temp is around 180°F).

B) RUSTOP™ Maximum must be scuff sanded with ScotchBrite™ pad and Wax & Grease Remover wiped prior to recoat after passing through oven to achieve tooth for attachment. RUSTOP™ Extended can be used for 2nd primer coat to allow recoat up to 2 months later – maroon Scotch-Brite™ pad scuff and Wax & Grease Remover wipe recommended immediately prior to applying powder or liquid topcoat.

4) Optional Air Dry Procedure: Air drying overnight, after a two coat application of RUSTOP™, has shown to be satisfactory prior to your powder application. Reducing the primers up to 30% with ZR Thinner (Zero VOC solvent) has helped the solvents to flash off, without off-gassing during the powder coating part of the application. Note: The primer solvents must flash off prior to the powder coating application and oven curing/baking steps of the coating process.

FSC Coating Systems Oven Compatibility: Test applications have shown that the RUSTOP® can withstand powder coat cure cycles at 400 to 440°F for 15 to 20 minutes – as long the primer solvent has flashed off first.

Thinning and Charge for Electrostatic Applications : Use FSC Coatings’ Zero VOC thinner, ZR Thinner, for most applications. ZR Thinner is designed to have fire suppression properties for added safety but has the power of ketone solvents. Other solvents may be recommended for electrostatic charge applications. Try to achieve the proper resistance for the solution being sprayed as recommended by the spray equipment manufacturer If ZR Thinner should not work in your particular application. Check with FSC before using solvents other than Z/R Thinner. All solvents used must be automotive grade. No Lacquer Thinner and no Big Box Retailer or paint store solvents as most are recycled thinners which can have oil or waste residues in them!!!