Quick & Tuff Varnish™ W/B


Quick & Tuff Varnish™ W/B 2100

2100 Series

Very Tough, Mar Resistant System

Major Breakthrough in Water-borne Technology with

Quick Dry Times, Quick Time to Sand, Quick Cure and Non-Yellowing

Quick Job Turnarounds: Quickest Possible Times from Start to Completion

PRODUCT CODES : 2100-LoLustre (Near Flat), 2110-Satin, 2120-Semi-Gloss, 2130-Gloss

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : "It Really Works!!" -- was how one industry expert of 40 years said it after testing and using Quick & Tuff®. Because of its unique beautiful look & toughness, Quik&Tuff® has been selected by the world's largest online social site's new headquarters interiors (….book) and the world's largest high tech electronics firm's company stores (think "I & Phone"). A true, breakthrough technology representing many years of research and testing, the Quick & Tuff® Water-borne Varnish is a one-of-a-kind, fast drying, fast curing, beautiful wood finish. The Quick & Tuff® has exceptional mar, stain and water resistance with tremendous adhesion as well as quick hardness development allowing sanding in 45 min or less. Q&T is the result of an extended 10+ Year breakthrough chemistry development program and pains-taking testing, feedback & application procedure development. These products are easily applied by spray, brush, roll or pad. Superior sag control permits high build application with excellent depth and film clarity. Self sealing - it serves as its own sanding sealer and for other interior FSC Natural Wood Finishes. Easy application, fast sandability and fast recoat properties - very mild & low odor. To the applicator -- fast project turnarounds and profits with great results.

"Most Forgiving Finish I Ever Used"; "Finally a Flat Finish that Looks Clear, Clean and Beautiful!!! " Great Praise for The Quick & Tuff® as it represents advanced technology in interior waterborne wood coating technology utilizing self-cross linking properties for quick dry, toughness and stain resistance. It makes "clean, gorgeous, flat-look" finishes possible. Applicators, business owners and homeowners alike love the finished results - beauty, ease of application and physical toughness -- where Quick & Tuff® is used. Safety to the applicator and environment are major pluses. Can be applied as a clear, tinted or as a stain finish - tintable with FSC high performance transparent and semi-transparent pigments for the highest quality, "clean" stain looks.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : * Maximum Safety for Applicator & End-User Alike

* Easy Application * Fast dry *Fast Project Turnaround

* Very mild odor, No toxicity * Excellent mar resistance *Excellent sandability

* Soap & Water Clean-up * Tintable - use as stain or clear *Early blocking resistance

* Early hardness development allows early sanding *Very Low VOC

TYPICAL USES : Perfect for OEM, on-site and shop applications. For use on interior wood surfaces including paneling, doors, cabinets, trim, baseboards, staircases, banisters and furniture. Perfect for kitchens, window trim/casings and interior surfaces with heavy light (UV) exposures. FSC recommends upgrading with FSC's Ultimate UV™ technology in high UV exposures.

Floors: Q&T can be used on floors given its excellent properties but we recommend URA-Floor® for maximum longevity and mar resistance on high quality floors, countertops and tabletops.

FSC's Ura-Floor® finished as #1 for Floors by the leading wood floor industry testing watchdog : Per the rigorous Maple Flooring Institute Testing protocol, Ura-Floor® finished #1 in Tabor Abrasion Testing (the most important test of all for obvious reasons) with less than 5 mg of material loss out of 50 mg allowed over all systems for commercial, residential and gymnasium floors. We were informed that most systems come in between 20-40 mg of loss after 7-14 days of cure...a huge performance advantage for Ura-Floor® and our end-users (the less the better). Like Q&T, an applicator can do an entire floor, gym, office entry, elevator, bartop or kitchen in one day with Ura-Floor® with its rapid dry (less than 1 hour to sand) and recoat properties. The LA School District puts 4 coats of material on their classroom floors after class lets out one day and has desks & students back in the classroom ready for class the next…and not one scratch after 90 days with our recent school reviews. And NO ODOR!!!

Available in a broad range of sheens : "Finally a Flat Finish that Looks Clear and Beautiful!!! " True statement from our friends. Because of its unique beautiful look, Quik&Tuff® has been selected by the world's largest online social sites new building and the world's largest high tech electronics firm's stores. From very high gloss (80+) to Lo-Lustre or Near Flat at an average sheen of 7 on 60° Gloss Meter. FSC's Lo-Lustre Quik & Tuff® product is being used in showcase projects around the country since it forms a perfectly smooth film without normal color or film distortion (to the touch & visibility) associated with high loadings of flattening agents . Having built the special camouflage coatings for the Marine Corps and other services, we have learned how to formulate beautiful flat-to-near-flat products (lo lustre or eggshell are common names for these sheen levels) with "baby bottom smooth" films…hence, none of the common film cloudiness or distortion to the touch. We are proud of this achievement and hope you too will enjoy the large amount of work that has gone into being able to do this.

FSC HIGH PERFORMANCE COLOR/TINT/PIGMENT PACKAGES: FSC has packaged their high performance tints with maximum clarity and "cleanness" for use by professional applicators. Ask FSC Coatings' coating consultant about available colors and use. We have a number of standard colors available in 8 oz. cans prepackaged to minimize cost and for ease of shipment.

MATERIAL PREPARATION : Mix thoroughly with paint stick or metal mixing paddle before using. Do NOT mix with paint shaker or power mixer. For full millage coats and maximum build, no thinning or reduction is required. Quick & Tough™ is ready "straight out of the can".

SURFACE PREPARATION : All surfaces must be clean and dry before application.

New Wood : Sand bare wood with the grain using fine sand paper (220-320 grit, relieve all sharp edges). Remove sanding residue & wipe with FSC's UPOL Water-Borne Cleaner. Let dry 30-45 min & sand again. Repeat process until swelling stops. Following last sanding & before applying Quick & Tuff®, use FSC's 190 Wax & Grease Remover or ZR Thinner for last surface wipe/cleaner prior to application to quick dry & reduced wait time. Stain with FSC stains. For other stains, always run compatibility test. For best results on open grained woods such as walnut, oak and mahogany, fill with paste wood filler as directed. A "Washcoat" using Quick & Tuff® reduced with water (distilled water best), prior to wood filler application, makes it easier to remove excess wood filler. Use thinned Q & T as its own sanding sealer; do NOT use commercial sanding sealers.

Previously Finished Wood : Sand and clean sound finishes with UPOL WB Wax & Grease Remover (use clean rags, wipe in one direction). Best to remove all previous finishes but at very least remove unsound finishes with appropriate paint & varnish remover. Then sand & clean with UPOL Wax & Grease Remover. Do not use tack rags.

For Black Iron Stains, Water Marks or Mold/Mildew - Use Z-90 Wood Magic™ PLUS (Best) or The Bio-Cleaner™ Concentrates (Best in interior and/or confined spaces with little circulation). Dilute each with hot water at 3 Parts Water to 1 Part Concentrate. For heavy iron stains or water marks, use either at 1:1 dilution. Apply mixture, allow to dwell 15-30 min, rinse off residue. Repeat until desired results achieved. Allow to dry before sanding or applying finish-fans and warm air help.

APPLICATION : Apply by spray, brush, roller, or applicator pad. Avoid excessive rolling to prevent foaming. Apply two or three uniform coats at 350-450 sq. ft./gal per spray coat (450-550 sq ft/gal when applied by brush). Avoid thicker coats to decrease the occurrence of bubbles or longer dry times. For best results, sand and clean with UPOL WB cleaner between coats to minimize debris buildup in film (remove roughness). Typically sandable after 45 min or less - often can sand in 20-30 minutes when above 77° F and less than 50% Relative Humidity with thin coats. Maximum build - 3 to 4 coats per day depending upon temperature and Humidity…common sense reasons. When trying to achieve 3 to 4 coats or Maximum Build in a single day, it is best to wait at least 1-2 hours between coats to assure proper cure and water release of each coat. Air movement with high speed fans speeds and/or heat makes a very big difference (lamps, steam heaters, space heaters and so forth as heat sources with strong air movement is best).

Very Important: For maximum finish depth & clarity : always apply GLOSS basecoats with light sanding between coats - apply Lo-Lustre, satin or semi-gloss topcoats for "lower sheen look" after desired finish depth & film thickness are achieved. For the finest overall finish, use 400-600 grit sandpaper between coats. Warning: Be careful on edges to not sand through the coating.

Spray equipment recommendations : Can be applied with HVLP (1.0mm to 1.3mm tip), Airless (410 or 412 double orifice, lacquer tip), or Turbine (4 or 5 stage with #3 air cap).

DRYING : Dries to touch in 30-60 min. depending upon millage & weather; sand in less than 1 hrs; often in 20-30 min (77°F & 50% Rel. Hum. with Fan induced air movement). Dry time longer in cooler, more humid conditions & when applied in thicker coats. Improve dry rates with fans, heat & air movement once out of dust.


Gloss (60°): 6-9 Lo-Lustre (Near Flat) VOC: <189 g/l

30-45 Satin Weight Solids: 25 + 10%

55-65 Semi-Gloss Volume Solids: 23 + 10%

> 80 Gloss Viscosity: 30-45" #2 Zahn Cup

Flash Point: >212°F (TCC)