PRIME & SEAL® Family Including the

Prime & Seal #1, #2, #3 Sealing System

One-of-a-kind Waterproofing System for Block, Cut-Block & Masonry Surfaces

Regular, High Build, Enhanced Water Repellant, Bio-Control & Quick Cure (QC) Formulas

Also Works on Wood and "Aged" Galvanized Surfaces


Ultra high performance, clear acrylic sealer and primer for "aged" painted surfaces, unsealed masonry & concrete, unsealed wood and aged galvanized surfaces. Prime & Seal® has excellent adhesion over lightly chalking surfaces and serves as an excellent bonding primer to reduce peeling of previous coatings. The finish is formulated to form a breathing membrane over questionable and faulty substrates. It dries clear and quickly with a satin to matte sheen. Prime & Seal® can be used as a topcoat over painted surfaces. When used as a masonry sealer for stucco, porous brick or block, it is not necessary to paint over the Prime & Seal® as it will maintain its clarity upon exposure to the sun. Has excellent resistance to organic growth. Add Ultimate UV™ package when protecting the color of underlying substrates and extended life.


*Top Performer over 30+ other sealers for Cut-Face & Split-Face Block Near-Coastal Project due to superior performance; only sealer that made surface waterproof to fire hose!!!

*Passed Navy 1 Year Wave Testing as Primer *Complete surface clarity without distortion

*Product has a 40 year plus use history *High solids content for faster film build

*UV stable stays true clear & does not yellow *Very strong; yet extremely flexible

*Easy to apply; no special equipment *Great adhesion to most substrates

*Mold/Mildew/Fungal Resistant *Works on galvanize, wood, Venetian plaster

*Option for enhanced Graffiti Resistance *Cost Efficient

*Sheens: Near-Flat and Satin *Special "Ultimate UV" Pkgs for extended life

Prime & Seal #1, #2, #3 System: For maximum water repellency & resistance to water intrusion on absorbent masonry surfaces such ascut-face or split face block and when a clear finish is desired, use Prime & Seal® Base Coat #1, Topcoat #2 and Topcoat #3 with Boosted Water Repellents as a 3-4 coat Waterproofing System. Recent 2011 testing has shown this system to be totally effective on cut-face block, split-face block, high density block, grout & stucco when each coat is applied in 2 cross-hatch passes with 20-30 min between passes at 75°F & 50% RH. Important: Water-testing to confirm repellency & water-tight envelope always recommended; follow with repair & retest.

Consider the penetrating water-borne Silox-Seal™ silane/siloxane as 1st coat before using Prime & Seal® System, including #1, #2, #3 Waterproofing System for in-wall masonry waterproofing - can be used inside & out for walls without a vapor barrier as in tilt-up, concrete block, poured-in-place concrete and other masonry surfaces to help prevent condensation and/or thru-wall Water/Salt/Oxygen migration. ThePrime & Seal®/Silox-Seal Combo System was successfully used at 29 Palms Marine Base in bathrooms without vapor barriers…at 7 years inspection, the bathrooms were moisture & efflorescence free. Excellent for warehousing, recreation bathrooms & shower areas, industrial complexes & so forth.

Prime & Seal® is available in five formulas' as follows:

1) Prime & Seal ® Basecoat #1 : Regular Formula for use as a sealer/primer on vertical surfaces that will be painted or resealed within the next 5 years. This can be used a stand-alone product without topcoating where a clear waterproofing sealer is desired. Provides "water sheeting" type of repellency.

2) Prime & Seal® Topcoat #2: Higher viscosity, higher build formula with excellent brushing, roll or spray properties-increases millage build 50-100%. Helpful for surfaces with significant spider cracking or narrow cracks (less than 1/32" width). Normally applied over Prime & Seal Basecoat #1 or itself. Comes as Satin or Near-Flat Sheens; Near-Flat has Ultimate UV package added for extended longevity.

3) Prime & Seal® Topcoat #3 with Boosted Water Repellant Formula based on hi-viscosity, hi-build Prime & Seal® Topcoat #2 for use when surface is NOT to be painted over for at least 10 years. Tremendous beading and water repellency. Repellents must be removed before recoating.

4) QUICK CURE (Q.C.) Formula for use on horizontal surfaces where fast cure is a must. Will show water repellency within 1 ½ to 2 hrs at 77 Degrees F and 50% R.H. or less. Recommended for walking surfaces & some parking surfaces; not for bridging moving cracks. Should be recoated with recommended FSC Topcoat where enhanced abrasion resistance is desired where car traffic and heavy foot traffic are involved . Q.C. Formula must be recoated within 2 hrs or scuff sand is required.

5) Bio-Safe® Bio-Control Prime & Seal® to be used as a sealer/primer for almost any condition - coastal, mountain, desert - to solve almost any issue including organic growth, chalky surfaces, peeling paint and so on. Must be topcoated with MaxLife™ Paint System as the film will yellow if exposed. This is the single highest performance, water-borne primer that we know of. It must be topcoated within 5 days due to unique internal strengthening system that is activated upon curing. System has been used on San Francisco's PIER 39, major LA Museum with Mile Long Walls, Pebble Beach condo's, military facilities & kitchens, Wal-Marts, Scripp's Institute of Oceanography, UCSD facilities, various water-treatment plants, LaJolla VA Hospital, LaJolla Shores Clubdominiums, schools, residences & shopping centers. See separate Product Data & special MaxLife System™ Procedure.


Any previously painted wood, masonry, stucco or prefabricated aluminum or galvanized siding. Unsealed masonry, stucco, block, split or cut-face block, wood or etched galvanized surfaces. Masonry includes most block, stucco, brick or concrete surfaces. If applied to bare masonry, the masonry must be absorbent for penetration (check to see if water dropped on the surface will penetrate or sit on top). DO NOT use on crumbly, badly weathered stucco. Can be used on absorbent roof tiles or aged asphalt shingles. Always test for adhesion first.

**For mildew prone areas, use Bio-Control Prime&Seal® or Add MD-90 to P&S #1, #2, #3

**For tannin or rust bleed, use #2-51 or #2-51W Super Prime (Stain Blocking Primer).


Remove excessive mildew and chalk using Z-90 Plus or The Bio-Cleaner. Power wash is best way to remove dirt and organic growth. Allow to dry 2-3 days in temps above 75 degrees F. Mask windows when planning to spray apply. Fill cracks (1/32" or wider), vugs, voids and nail holes as well caulk all windows, doors and openings prior to Prime & Seal® application with the Geo-Cell 2300 Clear or color of your choosing. When surface is peeling, remove loose paint and spot prime with Prime & Seal™, feathering into solidly adhering paint. ApplyPrime & Seal® in flood coats by spray best followed by back roll or back-brush. Prime rusty metal surfaces withZero Rustâ or Lox-Rust. Roughen all glossy and hard surfaces (including unpainted wood) before applying Prime & Seal® with sandpaper or other appropriate means. Do not use on fired tile, terracotta tiles (Spanish tiles) or glazed bricks without first applying FSC's Tile & Brick Preparer to provide "tooth" for adhesion.

For sealing spider or small cracks (less than 1/32"), spray & backroll is best. Turn spray pattern to be parallel with the crack - fully saturate - backroll or back-brush to force into cracks. Repeat 2-4 times depending upon size with 1-2 hr dry between applications. Allow 4 hr or overnight cure before applying full spray flood coats. Use Geocel 2300 Clear for wider cracks.

APPLICATION: Brush, roll or airless spray. Spray is best; flood surface followed by an immediate backroll improves adhesion, helps bridge gaps or vugs (breaks bubbles) and improves primer penetration. Spray and backroll is especially important for all aged wood, cut block, grout or textured masonry such as SPLIT-FACE Block & stucco and porous masonry surfaces. Flood Prime & Seal® into grout areas & lap over caulking as well. It is best to apply each coat in 2 passes (split coats) with 20-30 min. between passes @ 75 degrees F & 50% Relative Humidity -- make sure film has formed from 1st pass before applying 2nd pass. Always Backroll 1st coat, cracks, grooves, architectural detail; Backroll all coats if surface is rough or numerous cracks. On lower areas, it is best to get on ones knees to be able to spray directly into cracks (without shadowing). Always visually check that the Prime & Seal™ film has bridged cracks, gaps or voids - if not, caulk with Geocel 2300 or reapply Prime & Seal until full bridging is achieved.


400-500 sq ft/gal. per coat on low-porosity surfaces.

200-300 sq ft/gal per coat over lightly porous or moderately rough textures

150-200 sq ft/gal per coat for moderately porous & heavily textured surfaces.

100-175 sq ft/gal for 1st coat on very porous surfaces like split faced, cut-face or low density masonry surfaces (greater coverage for additional coats see discussion below)

2-3 coats required over most porous or rough textured surfaces to obtain proper seal. Split face and low density block may require 100-175 sq ft/gal. for first coat with minimum 2 coats required (some surfaces may require 3-4 coats if extremely porous or multiple cracks/vugs/voids). 2nd, 3rd and 4th coats to be Topcoat #2 or Topcoat #2 & Topcoat #3 with Boosted Water Repellent Pkg. Some low density, lightweight block may not be able to be sealed with this product - always test.


Prime & Seal® #1, #2, #3..Satin is Standard Sheen; Near-Flat available in Prime & Seal® #2 and #3 w/Ultimate UV; Bio-Control® Prime & Seal….Satin to Semi-Gloss

PROPERTIES (Regular Formula):



THINNING & CLEAN UP: Apply as is. Clean up w/water.

DRY TIME : 2 hrs before recoating. For full flood coat applications, allow 2-4 hrs dry between coats.


When using Prime & Seal® to seal open masonry, test surface by flooding with water after 2nd coat has cured for 72 hrs. Areas that darken will require more Prime & Seal®. This is especially important for unsealed block, slump stone, split face block and textured stucco surfaces. Look for discoloration or darkening on masonry, grout and mortar also. Look at inside walls for additional clues as to water migration (if possible).

CAUTION! DO NOT APPLY BELOW 50° F or on damp surfaces (not higher than 15% moisture content).


A. Prime & Seal® must be topcoated if applied to bare wood for exterior exposure to prevent "graying" of wood underneath.

B. Will not seal voids in open lightweight block or other very porous masonry such as low density block or certain split-face products. Use Geocel 2300 Clear to fill obvious cracks, vugs and voids.

C. Not designed for standing water applications and will not seal against "negative" side moisture.

D. When used over old alkyd finishes or other hard surfaces, sand or scuff the surface to promote adhesion.

E. Galvanized surfaces must be etched/cleaned with metal prep acid treatment, rinsing and dried prior to applying Prime & Seal®.

F. Do not use on glazed tile, terracota or glazed (sealed) brick surfaces without proper prep to build "tooth".

SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Procedures available for most new & aged wood surfaces as well as common masonry surfaces. Contact FSC Coatings @ 800-579-8459 or 858-558-0800 for information.

ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT : FSC Coatings wishes to acknowledge in advance your cooperation regarding handling & disposal directions. This product does not contain carcinogens or mutagenic compounds. The active components pose no known permanent environmental hazard. VOC emission levels comply with all known existing statutes with VOC less than 100 gm/l.

Prime & Seal® is a registered trademark of FSC Coatings, Inc