For Military Vehicle & Equipment Refurbishment as well as Facility Use

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Cammy Top™ Camouflage Topcoat is an easy to apply, user friendly, fast dry, single component coating designed for military field and shop applications including maintenance and vehicle refurbishment. The Cammy Top/Zero-Rust/RUSTOP® system outlasts all CARC and mil-spec camouflage systems in comparative, side-by-side corrosion and color-retention testing as presented at the military's 2010 Mega-Rust Conference at the Navy's request.

Apply Cammy Top™over the specially formulated Military Standard Black Zero-Rustâ or RUSTOP® Primers for maximum longevity (1 coat Zero-Rust® or RUSTOP® Primer @ 2.5-3.0 DFT for 2-3 years; 2 coats Zero-Rust® or RUSTOP® @ 4-6 mil DFT for 5-10+ year corrosion protection). Cammy Top™ has excellent adhesion and can be applied as its own primer (direct-to-metal) when short term protection (less than 6 months) is desired. This system is a flat or very low sheen system (sheen depends on military requirements for each color and catalyst use) which incorporates special "infrared signature pigments" meeting military infrared spectrum requirements as detailed in MIL-C-46168D(ME). The unique quality of this system when compared to all others lies in the fact that the Zero-Rust primer and Cammy Top™ topcoat can be applied to marginally prepared surfaces & dry in less than 1 hour in warm weather -- yet last for several years !

NOTE: Military must order by the case (multiples of 12)


*Finished #1 in military color retention & corrosion protection testing (over Zero-Rust®)

As confirmed by White Oak/Navy/Marine Corps Corrosion Specialist Testing

*Can be applied over marginally prepared surfaces & CARC with great success and longevity

*Full Infrared Pigments for War Fighter and Equipment Heat Signature Protection

*Dries very fast: in 15 minutes for Cammy Tops; 30-60 minutes entire system…lasts for years

*Outperforms CARC and mil-spec epoxy systems (as reported 1996 to 2010)

*Available in liquid or spray cans for ease of use

*Can be applied in shop or in the field with confidence

*Essentially perfect color match to military requirements from batch to batch

*Proven Longevity/Protection: Almost 20 years of Military Lab Testing & Field Use History

The Zero-Rust® and RUSTOP® Primer systems have been selected for use by the Marine Corps and other military branches for vehicular spot painting and other maintenance applications due to 1) its superior adhesion and toughness on marginally prepared surfaces based on NAVSEA & Marine Corps's lab & field testing, 2) ease of application including spray can delivery, 3)quick system dry, recoat & cure times, 4) long life when compared to current field application options and 5) low health risks to application personnel. The Cammy Top™ Camouflage Topcoat incorporates most of the same desirable physical properties into the topcoat along with enhanced "UV" resistance properties completing this vehicle and maintenance system . FSC Catalysts & "Ultimate UV" packages can be added to make it even better.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS: UH-1000 Super Catalyst & "Ultimate UV" Packages

The UH-1000 Super Urethane Catalyst and the "Ultimate UV" Package are recommended when doing entire vehicles, major equipment, structures and facilities. By adding the high performance catalyst and "Ultimate UV" package, the end user benefits from increased chemical & abrasion resistance as well as enhanced color retention with faster cure for recoat or faster times to deployment….all of which are important to long term users.

Cammy Top™ Standard Colors & Part Numbers

Green 383 (FMSCT10) Tan 686 (FMSCT13) Sea Foam Green (FMSCT15)

Brown 383 (FMSCT11) Black (FMSCT12)

Mil-Standard Zero-Rust Primer (275 gm/l) & Part Number: Zero-Rust Black (FMSZR20)

Technical Data (as of 12/98)

% Solids by Weight: 63-67% Viscosity: 75-80 KU (Krebs Units)

Weight Per Gallon: 11.4-11.9 lbs/gal 60°Gloss: 1 or less for all except

V.O.C.: Less than 275 grams/liter Sea Foam Green

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: See FSC Coatings' complete Military Corrosion Control Field Procedure for surface preparation and application of Zero-Rustâ Primer and Cammy Top™ Camouflage Topcoats. Also read Zero-Rustâ data sheet for additional application and recoat data. Zero-Rustâ Prep Step recommended for rust removal and surface conditioning. Always mix coating materials with a mud mixer & drill motor apparatus or paint shaker. Cammy Top™ can be applied by spray equipment, brush or roller. Spray cans are great for touch-up or small area coating work. For long term corrosion protection, apply 1-2 coats of Zero-Rust Black (5-6 mils wet if 1 coat; 4-6 mils wet/coat if 2 coats) as a primer prior to applying the Cammy Top™ (4-5 mils wet, 2-2.5 mils dry).

For Short Term or Emergency Field Repairs-Use As a Direct-To-Metal Coating: The Cammy Top™ Topcoat can be applied as a Direct-To-Metal system (without Zero-Rust primer) where 3-6 months protection is acceptable. However, it is always recommended to apply 2 coats of Cammy Top™ for increased resistance to salt and moisture.

Adhesion To Aged Coatings: Both the Zero-Rust Primer and Cammy Top™ Topcoat will adhere to most aged coatings themselves, as long as the surface is scuff-sanded to provide "tooth" or profile for adhesion. They will also adhere to most epoxies and urethanes as long as they are scuff sanded with sanding residue removed before application. In turn, epoxies and urethanes (solvent or water-borne) will adhere directly to fresh Zero-Rustâ or Cammy Top™ after proper cure time. Call FSC Coatings for detailed instruction.

Note: For this discussion, an aged coating is defined as any solvent borne system or water-borne epoxy or water-borne urethane that has cured longer than a couple of days.

Spread Rate: Apply at 4-5 mils wet to yield 2-2.5 mil dry film thickness. Thicker applications are not better; thinner coats are always desirable for faster cure and maximum toughness & film strength. Always use wet & dry mil film gauges to check application. Do not apply over 6 mils wet or higher sheen and slower cure can result. If undesirable sheen results, allow to cure 4-6 hrs, scuff sand with 1000 grit or grey Scotch-Brite pad or apply quick pass "dust coat" while holding spray tip 12- 20 inches from surface. Call FSC for availability of wet & dry mil film gauges.

Container Sizes: 1 gallon and spray cans in stock of all Cammy Top™ Colors; 5 gal & 55 gal drums special order.

Coverage: 250-300 ft² per gallon at 4-5 wet mils theoretical (practical 200-250 ft² per gallon at 70% transfer efficiency with airless spray).

Dry Time: 10-15 minutes set to touch, 20-25 minutes tack free at 70°F & 50 % relative humidity. Dry times longer in cooler temperatures or with higher humidity. Coatings will blush if applied in high humidity conditions. Dry rates will also be affected by film thickness, air movement and additional thinner content (type & amount). Recoat, if necessary, 1 hour at 80°F and 2-3 hours at 65°F.

Touch-up Of Cured Cammy Top (cured over 3 days): Scuff sand surface with maroon Scotch-Brite pad or sand paper. Remove sanding residue w/ FSC's Wax & Grease Remover or ZR Thinner & clean rag. Apply 3-4 mils wet film thickness of desired Cammy Top™ Coating per coat; 2 coats recommended.

Thinner: Use FSC ZR Thinner Blend to maintain V.O.C. compliance and proper solvent potency. Do not use paint store thinners to reduce or alter coating as it will cause coating failure.

Clean-up: FSC Cammy Top™ / ZR Thinner Blend, Oxsol 100, Xylene.

Personnel And Perimeter Safety Precautions : 1) Read MSDS before applying system. 2) Always make sure that there is plenty of air circulation duringmixing as well as during application as these materials are flammable. 3) Always wear respirators or have personal fresh air supply packs when applying coating materials. 4) Do Not Smoke within 100 feet of the materials. 5) Extinguish all flame sources in application area. 6)Do not operate engines in application area while applying coatings or during curing phase. 7) Use grounding straps when pouring coating materials from one container to another. 8) When using Catalysts, use full face, fresh air respirators.