Bio Cleaner™ 3:1 Mix


The Bio-SAFE ® Bio-Cleaner:

3:1 Super Concentrate

Powerful Cleaner -- Safe for Both the Environment & the Applicator

100% Food & Cosmetic Grade

Green & Safe

Cost Effectively Loosens & Removes Dirt, Grime &

Unsightly Organic Growth With No Odor -- Chlorine Free

Very Effective For Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Odor Removal

Product Description : The Bio-SAFE® Bio-Cleaner Super Concentrate is a safe and powerful, cost effective cleaning system formulated to loosen & remove surface dirt, many types of organic growth, water stains, effects of flood damage, fire & smoke damage residue. Being 100% composed of food grade or cosmetic grade components, The Bio-Safe® Bio-Cleaner brings a new level of safety to cleaning, fire damage remediation and removal of organic growth. Based on the original Z-90 technology, The Bio-Cleaner enables enhanced loosening & removal of mildew & other forms of organic growth from wood, sheetrock, masonry, wallpaper and painted metal surfaces. Being mildly acidic, The Bio-Safe® Bio-Cleaner will also enhance the appearance of water stained and aged natural wood surfaces on cedar, redwood, hardwoods, pressure treated woods and most other species. The Bio-SAFE® Bio-Cleaner is perfect for cleaning dirt, mildew and fingerprints as well as reversing weathering effects on new or aged wood. When sprayed or fogged, Bio-Cleaner also works to remove smoke odors and loosen fire damage residue. Excellent for cleaning and removing tarnish most stainless steels and certain alloy metals as well.

Product Highlights

*Safest Organic Growth Cleaner Available: 100% Food & Cosmetic Grade Components

*Removes & Eliminates Smoke & Mildew/Mold Odors; Use with Commercial Foggers

*Removes Oxidation/Tarnish from Stainless Steel, Alloys, Concrete & Painted Surfaces

*Restores Wood's Natural Color in Water-Stained & Weathered Wood

*Most Effective Against a Broad Range of "Organic Bad Actors"…better than bleach

*Removes Pet Odors and Stains from Carpets or Clothes…SAFE in Washing Machines

*Use with Steam Cleaners or Power Washers

*Pleasing, Natural Odor - No Chlorine

*Great All-Purpose Cleaner for the Home or Office or Industry; Removes Hand Oils

Determination of Suitability: The User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Clean a test area to determine procedures for maximum effectiveness and suitability…especially when using on metals, landscape, wiring, electric appliances, electronics and masonry. So far any reactions have led to better cleaning effectiveness and have been desirable… but always test to be sure. Exact results of The Bio-Safe® Bio-Cleaner will depend upon substrate, amount of organic growth & species type, temperature, dilution & many other factors that must be evaluated by the applicator. More than 1 application may be required for wood or other surfaces, especially in heavy mold or fire exposures--agitation & hot water will enhance performance.

Plants -- As a general precaution, protect plants with tarps or plastic before applying. However, I have found it effective against some infestations in my own garden as it is 100% Food and Cosmetic grade. Again always test first…

"Finishing The Job" :

Protection Options for Remediated Surfaces to Prevent Regrowth:

1)Colored Masonry/Stucco, 2)All Painted Surfaces, 3)Split-Face & Cut-Face Block,

4)Interior Natural Wood Finishes & 5)Exterior Natural Wood Finishes

Wood, masonry and metal surfaces treated with The Bio-Safe® Bio-Cleaner™ generally must be sealed with our specialized systems that are designed to prevent future reoccurrences. In general, for painted or masonry surfaces, seal with Bio-SAFE® Bio-Control Prime & Seal® Surface Sealer/Primer to protect against moisture absorption and prevent the re-growth of mildew & other unwanted organic contaminants. The result of almost 20 years of research, the Bio-Control Prime & Seal® formulation is specially formulated to stop water migration - even in coastal, bathroom, pool area & offshore exposures - preventing re-growth of unwanted organisms "in or under the coating film".

Where the moisture control has been breached on block or masonry walls (efflorescence or decomposition of the masonry or water stains are common tattletales for this situation) , consider using Silox-Seal™ for "deep, in-the-wall moisture control" prior to applying the Prime & Seal® products. Use The Bio-Cleaner™ to open up bare masonry and clean the surface before application…flood the wall with the cleaner and Power Wash. Silox-Seal™ is applied in one coat, and the Prime & Seal® can be applied next day.

The Prime & Seal® comes in Clear (some formulas will stay absolutely clear for many, many year) and White. When a "natural, clear look" is desired, use the Prime & Seal® Clear which includes some stucco, color-in-stucco surfaces, split-faced block, cut-face block (looks like marble), artwork and Venetian Plaster (W-100 is also desirable for this). For surfaces requiring paint, waterproofing or Feaux Finishes over the Prime & Seal®, use FSC's Bio-SAFE® MaxLife Paint™ or other FSC high-perf topcoats as appropriate for flooring, high traffic area, masonry, sheetrock & waterproofing applications. The Bio-Safe ® Prime & Seal® and MaxLife Topcoat System is the exact system used to restore San Francisco's famed PIER 39, numerous shopping centers, numerous large condo & townhome projects and numerous other notable projects…since 1991.

Warning : Do NOT use common paint store or "BIG Box" paint systems, including their premium interior and exterior systems, in these high risk applications. Based upon the testing we have seen to date and actual project performance, they are NOT formulated to withstand such fungal/mold/mildew attacks…or prevent it.

For Interior Natural Wood Applications as in trim, doors, cabinets, countertops, table tops, furniture and wood floors, use Quik & Tuff® (water-borne, water white, non-yellowing, sheens from high gloss to near-flat), QD Varnish (near-water white) and Ura-Floor® (rich looking, "warm", slight amber look, toughest floor finish ever tested by Maple Flooring Institute), for beautiful, long-lasting finishes. Special MA-90 mold/fungus resistant packages can be added at extra cost for these applications.

For Exterior Natural Wood Finishes, we have numerous alternatives including penetrating stains as well as film forming coating systems…from fully transparent to semi-transparent stains. We are #1 rated in the natural wood finish area with some of the largest projects in North America to our credit. Talk to us about what you are looking for and let us help you decide what is best for you. In general,for cedar, cypress and redwood wood siding and decks or resawn/aged(rough to absorb stain) Douglas Fir glu-lams, the 400 Series is preferred in many cases. For Hardwoods and Dense woods or where a "varnish look" is desired, use our 300 Series with Ultimate UV Package and SA-1000 Silicone Poly Wood Varnish with UH-1000 Super Catalyst at 16 oz./gal. For semi-transparent surfaces and where low odor is a must, we have several alternatives bases upon our Prime & Seal® and MaxLife Systems.


For best results, mix 1 part The Bio-Cleaner Concentrate to 3 parts warm water: 1 gal of Bio-Cleaner Concentrate yields 4 gals Ready-To-Use (5 gal. Bio-Cleaner Concentrate yields 20 gal RTU). For heavy growth mix 1 part Bio-Clean with 1-2 parts water. If salt crystals form, add hot water during dilution. Always test solution for effectiveness at desired dilution and to determine proper working or dwell time before removal. Mix The Bio-Cleaner™ Concentrate before dilution and Bio-Cleaner diluted gallons before use.

1) Remove loose contaminants from surface to be cleaned by sweeping or using gas powered blower. Protect adjacent surfaces from direct contact with Bio-Cleaner. Use breathing types of drop cloths to protect adjacent vegetation. Cover adjacent walls,electrical outlets, appliances, electronic, bare metal & masonry or other surfaces with drop cloths. Vacuuming of loose contaminants with HEPA Vacuums before treatment with Bio-Cleaner is also helpful.

2) Apply diluted Bio-Cleaner by brush, roller or hand pump sprayer. Agitate Bio-Cleaner with garage broom or stiff bristled brush. Allow dwell time of at least 30 minutes (up to several hours or overnight for some types of removal) before removal. Mildew and other growth will be loose or like a slurry if wet or "like powder" if dry when ready for removal. Reapplication will be necessary in some cases of heavy build-up.

3) Removing Contaminants & Rinsing -- For Best Results on exterior surfaces, use a gas driven power washer or steam cleaner to remove The Bio-Cleaner, disbonded organic growth, dirt, other loose surface contaminants & wood fiber. For the inexperienced, use up to 1500 psi equipment but obtain instructions from rental company so as to protect the substrate from damage and scarring during use. A garden hose at maximum pressure can be used to rinse surface following agitation but will yield less desirable results than if a power washer is used. Tougher stains and more weathered areas will require additional applications of Bio-Cleaner followed by more vigorous agitation & water rinse. For interior surfaces, power washers may be appropriate for some situations while steam cleaners with minimal water output may be most effective for removal. Agitation recommended using stiff bristle brushes. Simpler rinsing methods may be appropriate for some situations. Use of wet & dry vacuums may be appropriate (HEPA filtering systems needed for organic growth & spore removal) for removing excess water & contamination. Sanding of wood surfaces may be necessary when steam is not used. In some cases shovels or brooms are necessary to remove loosened dirt & organic matter.

4) Protection Against Future Attacks and Odor Control -- Allow surface to dry 2-4 days, depending upon temperature and humidity, before coating surface with Bio-SAFE® Bio-Control Prime & Seal® as sealer or primer. For interior surfaces, air circulation with fans and dehumidification may be required. Use moisture meter to ensure moisture content is below 15% before applying Bio-Control & Prime® (pigmented or clear). Two coats by spray of Bio-SAFE® Prime & Seal® (1.25-2.0 mils DFT per coat or 2.75-4.0 mils DFT total for both coats; each coat is 3.5-5 mils wet film thickness per coat) are recommended to ensure proper moisture protection, to prevent organic growth in the coating film from occurring and to prevent pinholes. For surfaces to be painted, use Ultra-Performance Bio-SAFE® MaxLife™ as this technology is the only water-borne topcoats which will absolutely prevent future liquid water migration. For surfaces where that "new wood look" is to be maintained, use FSC Coatings' famed top-rated natural finish coatings, repellants and wood stains. When using standard paints, add 8 oz. MA-90 per gal or add 1 qt Bio-Cleaner per gal of paint for improved resistance to regrowth. Call FSC Coatings @ (800) 579-8459 for your best engineered protection and coating solution.

Coverage: At 3:1 dilution, each diluted Bio-SAFE® Bio-Cleaner gal will cover normally 100-200 sq.ft./gal depending upon surface absorption (400-800 sq.ft./gal). When diluted further, Bio-SAFE® Bio-Cleaner will go farther but more applications may be needed to achieve desired result.


1) Though not a problem to date, be cautious to not allow The Bio-Safe® Bio-Cleaner to come in contact or splash upon adjacent surfaces--especially bare metal, electrical devices & wiring, marble or uncoated masonry--rinse immediately if any residue or overspray occurs to prevent slight etch/discoloration.

2) The Bio-Safe ® Bio-Cleaner can react with masonry & concrete if not removed - -user must plan for rinse water runoff following power wash or hose flush to eliminate undesirable reactions & possible discoloration. Wet concrete (driveways, sidewalks, floors, etc.) and lawn/landscaping before applying and rinsing.

3) The Bio-Safe ® Bio-Cleaner is slippery when applied to any surface-- especially roofing and decking. Wear appropriate OSHA approved footwear, safety belts and non-slip shoes (for roofing non-slip, steel pegged shoes).

4) Severely aged wood may not respond to The Bio-Cleaner -- replacement of wood may be the only option in some severe cases. If wood is soft or severely aged, always check for structural integrity of the wood before restoring.

5) Always test Bio-Cleaner on any surface for effectiveness & possible undesirable reactions before full project use. Read Material Safety Data Sheet and Directions BEFORE using product.

Warnings: Do Not Swallow. Contains Mild Organic Acid but it is still acid! Avoid SKIN and EYES contact. Wear rubber gloves, appropriate respirators and goggles when handling.

FIRST AID: 1) INTERNAL-If swallowed, ingest large quantities of Milk. Call Physician IMMEDIATELY.

2) EYES-In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly for 15 minutes with water. See Physician if irritation persists. 3) SKIN-Wash thoroughly with water.

LIMITED WARRANTY: This warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase of The Bio-Cleaner Super Concentrate. If the product is proved to be defective, Manufacturer, at its option will replace the product or refund the purchase price. The purchaser must have proof of purchase from label, batch number and original sales receipt. All label instructions must be followed with surface preparation essential to applicability of this warranty. Neither manufacturer nor marketing agents shall be liable for incidental, consequential or indirect damage arising from the use of The Bio-Cleaner Super Concentrate nor the labor involved with any repair. Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, other than what was indicated on the label. Buyer assumes all risk of use and/or handling of this material when use and/or handling is contrary to label instructions. No other warranties are made, expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties as to MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This limited warranty may not be modified or extended by manufacturer's representatives, distributors or dealers of manufacturer's products.