Product Description: “Aging Agent” is designed to chemically darken or age (gray) many wood species by exposure to a solution containing Aging Agent at the desired concentration. The extent of darkening or "graying" can be con­trolled by varying the concentration of Aging Agent in the solution. Cedar, redwood and other high tannin content woods are good candidates for this treatment. Lower tannin woods such as birch, maple and Douglas Fir will yield varying levels of darkness. Rinse or flush surface to minimize further color changes. For exterior applications, all products to be used over treated surface must have Ultimate UV package integrated and some require special fungicide packages (in stock) to ensure proper wood protection against water and sunlight as well as organic growth.

Product Highlights: *Easy to use *Environmentally Safe *Ages without Harming Wood Integrity *Easily Protected by Appropriate FSC Finish…whether Interior or Exterior *Cost Effective

FSC’s Aging Agent has been used in commercial and residential applications – interior and exterior – for about 20 years. We have this down to a science as long as the applicator follows the FSC process: 1) performs the testing procedures, 2) follows recommended surface preparation procedures to even the “openness” & color of the initial wood surface, 3) rinses/flushes off excess unreacted Aging Agent which could affect adhesion, wood color and coating clarity if left in place, 4) allows surface to dry per FSC specs (24 hrs or longer-15% moisture content or less) and protects the AGED surface with special FSC Coatings systems designed for these applications. Water and oil-borne systems can be used but all must be loaded with proper Ultimate UV and fungicide packages if used in “high humidity” and/or “heavy sunlight exposures”, even in interior surfaces including gyms, sunrooms, rooms with skylights OR large windows, spa areas, etc. Ura-Floor ™ W/B Urethane is recommended for interior wood flooring given its unmatched toughness and unequalled testing performance to foot traffic and abrasion.

Product Use Instructions: Start out with 2 oz. of dry Aging Agent per gallon of warm water (works slower in cold water) for medium aging. Test wood to be used on project as to the extent of aging desired by dipping in the initial solution for about 15 seconds. If the wood is darker than desired, then
reduce the amount of Aging Agent used by 50% (to 1 oz.) per gallon. If the wood is too light, then increase the Aging Agent concentration to 3 oz. per gallon of water -- continue increasing concentration until the desired dark­ness or graying is desired.

Normally, the wood is left in the Aging Agent solution for 10-30 seconds and stacked as to promote the maximum rate of drying. Solution can be left on wood for up to 10 minutes to increase “graying”. Rinse or flush wood with water to remove excess reactant and surfactants – if not done, the wood could continue to darken or grow uneven over time. The wood can be coated with water-based materials after 24 hours (ex.: Quick & Tuff Varnish™ , Ura-Floor ™ W/B Urethane , W-100 UV, DeckMaster Ultimate UV); with oil-based materials such as TWP 400 Series ® Ultimate UV, QD Varnish or SA-1275 after 48-96 hours. Most applications required 2 to 4 coats to achieve even protection and color maintenance in cabinet and furniture uses; 3-5 coats in horizontal applications including flooring. The more millage, the more wear and stain resistance provided.

If the color is uneven gray or modeled in appearance, scuff sand surface with sand paper or ScotchBrite pad and try Aging Agent again.

For Exterior Applications where a deep oil-wet look is desired, coat With TWP or SA-1275 UV for Maximum Longevity: Wood treated with Aging Agent should be coated with an oil-borne TWP or SA-1275 for maximum control of splitting, cracking, cupping, moisture content and/or organic growth. TWP or SA-1275 Clears can be used but require more frequent reapplica­tion than factory or FSC custom tints using Super Automotive grade pigments. Depending on the use, any of the TWP's are good candidates with TWP Deck & Furniture (300 Ultimate UV or TBF with UH-1000 Super Catalyst ) or SA-1275 (including TBF Formulas) where a film is desired or grain fill properties are required. For a lower sheen penetrating finish and less film build, TWP 400 Series ® (recommend with Ultimate UV package –custom tintable) is the best candidate. For maximum darkness, use the Black Walnut tint.

When Using Water-bornes in Heavy UV Exposures or Exterior Applications: All of these systems must have MA-90 Fungicide and Ultimate UV packages added or they will peel due to wood deterioration under the transparent film. FSC’s automotive transparent pigments (best on the market) recommended for tinting to maximize longevity and clarity…transparent pigmented systems with full loading will outlast “Clears” 3 to 1...or more.

Make Finished Samples (Test Samples) Before Starting Full Project!!! Be sure to make sam­ples of finished product before embarking upon full project. The dark TWP tints as well as the TWP Clears may accentuate the depth and darkness achieved with AGING AGENT treatment. Allow coated product to cure 7 days before making final decision.

Recommended Transparent and Clear Coatings

(Remember to add “Ultimate UV” or “TBF” Packages for strong sunlight, skylight exposures):

Interior Applications:

Water-Borne Coatings: Solvent-Borne Coatings

Quick & Tuff Varnish™ (20 minutes to sand), Quick Dry Varnish

W-100 UV, Ura-Floor ™ W/B Urethane Solvent Bourne (S/B) with or without UH-1000 Super Catalyst

Ura-Floor ™ W/B Urethane -- 3-4 coats in one day! SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus (for deep, high build look)

DeckMaster Ultimate UV (1 hour to sand) Graffiti Max with Speed Cure – the strongest of ALL

Exterior Applications:

Water-Borne Coatings Solvent-Borne Coatings

All of the above Interior Ctgs with Ultimate UV Quick Dry Varnish

And MA-90 Fungicide Package Added SA-1275 Silicone Poly Plus

Graffiti Max with Speed Cure – the strongest of ALL 300 Series TWP with UH-1000 Super Catalyst & Ultimate UV Pack

TWP 400 Series ® with Ultimate UV Package

Disposal: The Aging Agent solution is biodegradable and can be disposed of through any receptacle with access to a sewage treatment facility.