2200 Accelerator "0" VOC


Speed Cure® Products:

Speed Cure® 1; Speed Cure® 2 and 2200 Accelerator

Speeds Up Cure Rates for Urethane Coatings and

Urethane Catalyst Enhanced Coatings

DESCRIPTION All Speed Cure® products are used to accelerate the dry time, cure rates, hardness and chemical resistance of Graffiti Max, PolyAc and UH-1000 Super Urethane Catalyzed Systems including SP-50, SA-1000, SA-1275, 300 Series Wood Finish and QD Varnish. Speed Cure® 1 and Speed Cure® 2 have the additional benefits of proprietary adhesion promoters, Zero or Near-Zero VOC solvents (environmentally friendly), wetting agents and surface conditioners to enhance bonding and inter-coat adhesion between coats of urethane coatings…and are commonly used with FSC’s Graffiti Max & Floor Max garage floor coatings.

Speed Cure® Accelerator 2200:

The purpose and use of Speed Cure® Accelerator 2200 is to increase reaction rates of urethane coatings and urethane catalyzed coatings…the more you use, the faster the reaction rate and increase in desirable physical and chemical properties. Contains organic-metallic compounds designed to dramatically increase the reaction rate of urethane and urethane catalyzed coatings.

How to Use Speed Cure® Accelerator 2200:

Add 1 ounce 2200 per sprayable quart, or add 4 ounces 2200 per sprayable gallon. Mix thoroughly.

Speed Cure® 1 and Speed Cure® 2 Formulas:

Speed Cure® 1 and Speed Cure® 2 are designed to be added to Graffiti Max or Floor Max at 1 pint per Gallon. Both Speed Cure® 1 and 2 contain Speed Cure® 2200 Accelerator along with special adhesion promoters, whetting agents, environmentally friendly solvents and surface conditions that enhance inter-coat adhesion. Both can be used with other urethanes as well.

Speed Cure® 2 has DOUBLE the Accelerator 2200 components of Speed Cure® 1 for an even faster cure with the same loading of adhesion promoters, whetting agents and surface conditioners of Speed Cure 1®. Hence, Speed Cure® 2 is normally used in the final coat to reduce time before use…especially in garage floor, bar-top and warehouse floor situations.

How to Use Speed Cure® 1 and 2: Add 1 pint of Speed Cure® 1 per gallon of Graffiti Max in first coat and intermediate coats of Graffiti Max or Floor Max; Add Speed Cure® 2 in last coat for maximum cure acceleration for fastest time to use.

Cautions and Precautions for Speed Cure Products:

1) The pot life of mixture will be reduced by approximately 45 minutes @ 77°F. Pot life will be shorter at higher temperatures. Use with caution…do not add too much.

Please beware that speeding up reactions or cure rates can be a double edged sword…especially in hot weather as pot lives are reduced and thickening of the coating in the bucket or sprayer can occur once mixed. Do not use over 4 oz. of Accelerator 2200 per quart of coating; keep at less than 50% by volume of UH-1000 addition per quart of paint or coating.

2) Only use Speed Cure® products with urethane coatings and urethane catalyzed coatings….will not work without the urethane molecules to react with.

3) Do not leave catalyzed and accelerated coatings in equipment over breaks or lunch….clean out all equipment before breaks and lunch to prevent undesired plugging of equipment.

Note on Qualified Use : For use by professional, trained personnel, using proper equipment with standard safety procedures. Not intended for sale to the general public. For professional use only. Not for residential/homeowner use.

Contains: PCBTF (p-Chlorobenzotrifluoride), Acetone

Coating VOC: 0 grams per liter, 0 lbs. per gallon.

Material VOC: 0 grams per liter, 0 lbs. per gallon.


2200 Accelerator Availability : Pints, Quarts standard;

Larger sizes special order with Minimum 50 gallons

Speed Cure® 1 & 2 Availability : Pints standard;

Larger sizes special order with Minimum 50 gallons


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