2-51 Super White Prime Stain Block




A super premium, ultra performance, mildew resistant, water-borne, multipurpose, STAIN & TANNIN BLOCKING acrylic primer. The primer has superior tannin, water and solvent ink marker stain blocking resistance when compared to typical latex primers. 2-50 Super Prime™ has excellent adhesion to wood, ferrous, non-ferrous, galvanize, glossy and chalky substrates. Corrosion and flash rust resistance is very good. Superior grain crack resistance over wood will enhance latex finish coat performance. Low VOC and HAPS compliance combined with exceptional application- properties makes this product ideal where superior performance is required. Finish coat with high performance acrylic paints such as Graffiti No More™ and MaxLife™. Apply TWP ® W-100 over 2-51 Super Prime Clear™ for an attractive stain look. 2-51W Super Prime White™ is also available with a maximum fungicide loading to stop organic growth. Use 2-51 Super Prime Clear™ when stain look is desired (W-100Series stain).


• Stain Blocking Primer: Preventing Tannin & Stain bleed on wood or other bleeding surfaces; blocks marker & ink migration through the film as well.

• Adheres directly to smooth, spangle galvanized surfaces (Must be oil-free)

• Very good flash rust resistance…especially for coastal & moist climate projects

• Helps control rust bleed from “rusty” corner beads on coastal stucco projects

• Excellent chalk binding capacity

• Excellent adhesion to aged enamel coatings

• Mildew & organic growth resistance


Exterior wood trim, pressure treated wood, plywood, & T-111 including redwood, Douglas fir and cedar. Works on Tannin stained drywall and smoked damaged surfaces; galvanized gutters, wall panels, downspouts, roofing and decking. Steel tanks and piping in moderate corrosive environments. Prime coat over chalky, previously painted, surfaces where loose chalk has been removed. Water-borne stains (example: W-100) can be applied over the 2-51 Super Prime Clear™ for a semi-transparent look. Excellent over glossy surfaces (scuff sand first). Ideal for coastal, offshore and desert environments.


Weight per Cal.: 10.42 Viscosity: 90-100 K.U.

Weight Solids : 53-57% Volume Solids: 43-45%

VOC Level: 140 g/l

Dry to Touch: 2-4 hours.

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2-51 Super Prime™ Cont.

RECOAT TIMES: Very important

1) Stain Blocking applications: Allow to dry overnight @ 70°F & 50% RH before recoat (2 coats of 2-51 required on new redwood, cedar, etc or wood that is “fully colored” to prevent bleed.

2) Bonding Primer for peeling or chalky surfaces: 2-4 hrs dry @ 70°F & 50% RH before recoat.

For best results over stained or bare steel surfaces, allow to dry at least 24 hours at 70° and 50% RH. Best to apply over Zero-Rust or RUSTOP maximum in moist or coastal climates. In Cooler Temperature & higher humidity or High Temp/Higher Humidity lengthen the recoat and dry times necessary for proper cure…to prevent moisture entrapment.


Brush, roll or airless spray.


Use proper cleaners and degreasers followed by power wash to remove dirt, grease, oil and excessive chalk. Remove peeling paint till remainder, if any, has solid adhesion. Spot prime bare areas before priming complete surface. Spot prime rusty areas with Zero-Rustâ prior to 2-51 Super Prime™ application.


350-400 ft²/gal. for brush or roll. 280-320 ft²/gal. airless spray. There may be occasions when two coats are necessary over excessive staining, such as new or fully colored redwood or cedar or hardwoods scheduled for bright white or pastel finish coats. As stated in the “Recoat” section, recoat after overnight dry @ 70° F & 50% RH – longer for higher humidity or temp. When a severe staining potential is suspected, apply one and two coat samples of 2-51 Super Prime™ and finish coat after overnight dry and check for stain bleeding.


Apply as is or add minimum amount of water when needed for proper application.




W-100 Series Concrete & Wood Stain

Graffiti No More™ (low sheen)

Satin MaxLife™ or Semi-gloss MaxLife™

Quik & Tuff® (pigmented or clear over Clear 2-51 Super Prime)

*** All are available in and stock colors.